Luis Advincula Macarena Gastaldo reveals that she was in love with a Peruvian national team player and went out with a Rayo Vallecano defender in an interview

At the beginning of September, Macarena Gastaldo revealed to ‘Amor y fuego’, a new program by Rodrigo Gónzalez and Gigi Miter, that he maintained a relationship with the defender Luis Advíncula. At that time, the Argentine model did not want to go into details and only referred to saying that she is very fond of her.

In an interview for the newspaper Trome, Gastaldo spoke openly about the relationship he had with the defender of Rayo Vallecano and the peruvian team. “I was in love and I loved him. I loved him very much, I cried for him,” she said.

Macarena Gastaldo, former participant in ‘This is War’, assured that Luis Advíncula It was his “salient” and that he paid for his trip to Spain. Likewise, he also highlighted his qualities to make her fall in love.

“He (Advíncula) is a joke, he is crazy and has a personality like mine. We got along very well, too well, I hope the anger will pass,” added the Argentine model.

Meanwhile, Gastaldo indicated that she was in love with the popular ‘Bolt’, but distance was a key factor in the relationship “I was in love and loved him. I loved him very much, I cried for him. I cried because things ended, he was there. (Spain) and I here. We had crossed paths, “he told the aforementioned media.

Finally, the model hopes that one day she hopes that the anger will pass to Advíncula and unblock her from her social networks. “He was upset because I told something that I had saved two years ago, maybe I should have denied it, but I couldn’t because some evidence came out,” he said.


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