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Luis Amaranto Perea lives really critical days at the command of Junior de Barranquilla. Although a few dates ago the results supported it, the game shown has not finished convincing the fans.

This Friday they tied one goal at home against Bucaramanga, a result that leaves them with a serious recent record: just one victory in their last six games.

At a press conference, the coach kept absolutely nothing and was completely self-critical. This was what he said:

Match balance – With so much loss and imprecision it is difficult. The first half may be one of the worst we’ve ever played. I can’t explain this to you. Many of us were not up to the task. In the second half when we modify a little, we win the second play, duels … it’s another team. I can’t explain why the team has those game lapses. At times it seems that he remembers things and goes out to play. This is what he can tell you right now.

Environment within the group – The pressure is already starting to show. There are players whose backpack is starting to fill up, it is the pressure generated by a large team. We have to figure it out somehow. I insist, so imprecise, losing so many balls is complicated. In the first half we were very imprecise.

Your opinion of the team – No one could agree, it would be irrational to say so. I have recognized a lot of times what happens, that at times we do it well or at many times we do not. With what has been shown in these games, we cannot be satisfied.

Changes – Many times you feel that there are players who are not doing a good game, but the function of the changes is that that player raises his level. It is not change to change. We wanted to accompany (Fabián) Sambueza more in the midfield. ‘Cariaco’ (González) entered, the entry of (Miguel Ángel) Borja was very remarkable. Many times the changes do not involve removing the players who are not well, but putting players in so that both the one who is bad and the team improve.

Junior mistakes or Bucaramanga hits – In this game we insist on the high backs. It is clear that the opponent does their job, but I also think that we lost balls too easy. I don’t think they exerted such great pressure that we were wrong the way we did. If the team is not intense, it does not finish on goal, it is difficult. In the second half the attitude changed and the team’s game too.


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