Luis Díaz is Alberto Gamero’s reference to educate Daniel Ruiz thinking about Europe | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

This Friday in chat with First Touch, by Win Sportsthe technician Alberto Gamero He spoke of the present of Millonarios and gave some details of the intimacy of the group. Also, he took advantage of the moment to confess that Luis Díaz, a Colombian winger at Liverpool, is his reference in world football to continue polishing his jewel, Daniel Ruiz, whom he sees in the not too distant future in European football.

I am teaching (Daniel) Ruiz what I am seeing Luis Díaz: when I don’t have the ball I have to score. Modern football is that, it has a 60% that when you don’t have the ball you have to score, the 10 who are ahead of the goalkeeper score because he blocks. I’m teaching Ruiz, for when he goes to Europe, that a winger has to score when he doesn’t have the ball,” Gamero acknowledged.

And he added that “I can’t tell you, you’re an important player and I’m not going to wear you down. Modern football is trying to play football well, have good technique, come back when you lose the ball.” The Millonarios coach, as well as many around the world, is delighted with the way the ‘Reds’ winger plays, who in three and a half months achieved a surprising adaptation to English football. Everyone talks about ‘Lucho’ and he wants it to happen with Daniel at the right time.

The samarium coach also referred to the moment of Millonarios in Colombian tournaments. In the League, he qualified several dates back among the eight and points to the lead, and in the Betplay Cup, he has just qualified for the quarterfinals after dispatching Jaguares. “Every day is trying to improve. One always has to go a little further and every day we try to correct mistakes, that the team has the vocation to enter the field to play well. What we practice during the week is what has given us results at times.”

Gamero also said that “I hear that if Millonarios is not a champion it is useless and I do not agree, for one to achieve something good one has to do things well, and we are on that path, trying to be a champion. We must continue what we are doing, play soccer well, fight for the first places, qualify, have confidence, and since last year we fought for the title with Tolima, from there to here, the team has gotten used to that. We want to fight for the title and win it, but it’s not easy. The one who fails is the one who doesn’t try“.

Finally, he told how he treats his players. That is a faithful example that the harmony of the group is key for the results to occur. “I always with my players I have tried to be a friend and much more with them because I feel like the father of the majority. Even (Macalister) Silva who is the oldest (laughs) can be my son, he is 35 years old and I am 58, so I did it when I was 23. They can all be my children and I treat them like that, children always have to educate them and you want the best. They know that when it comes to work, it’s work, so I chat with them, play and go to games, I like to have a good relationship.”

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