Luis Díaz would have a millionaire salary in Liverpool; 5 times more than in Porto

Since the Colombian attacker arrived in Liverpool its impact was immediatehis great coupling in the team’s offense has made many international football personalities will praise his hiring.

However, there is a detail that very few know after his arrival at Liverpool since it had never been revealed: his salary. Although his signing was one of the most notorious in the winter market in Europeonly the amount paid by the English club to Porto was known.

Díaz arrived in England to join one of the most historic teams in the world and this represents very good money as part of payment. As it came to light in the last hours, The Colombian earns a millionaire salary and became one of the best-paid “coffee” soccer players at the moment.

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millionaire salary receives Louis Diaz

According to the sports portal Fichajes.comthe winger went from earning 750 thousand euros a year at Porto to earning about 3.8 million euros a year at Liverpool, not counting the variables.

In that sense, The Colombian would be receiving a salary of close to 17,000 million Colombian pesos per yearwhich could become about 23,000 million if he and the team meet certain objectives at the sporting level.

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This reinforces the version of the British newspaper Mirror in which he assured that his contract would be for the next 5 years and that his weekly salary is close to 90,000 pounds sterling (about 470 million Colombian pesos).

Now, Díaz and his companions are getting ready to face Chelsea in the English League Cup final, Single match definition scheduled for this Sunday, February 27 at 11:30 am, Colombian time, at the neutral Wembley Stadium, London.

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