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In the 80s, and they became one of the audience’s favorite couples after starring in “”, A film in which they were both dating. So much was the chemistry between the two, that many came to think that this romance in fiction had crossed the screens and was real; something that was ruled out by the interpreter of “Ya no”, who assured that they were only united by a beautiful friendship.

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Now, more than thirty years later, we are surprised that from that affection that both felt for each other, there is nothing left, at least that was what the ‘Bride of America’ made known. As a result of his statements, many wonder what led to the stop being friends.


revealed that she and They are no longer friends because they have not seen each other for more than two decades and have not maintained any type of contact.

“I always say: ‘We are not friends.’ Because I cannot say: ‘We are intimate’ because we have not seen each other for a thousand years, but there has always been, since that time, a very beautiful relationship and I can say that we are friends “, she said when approached by the press.

When Lucero performed on stage for Spanish opera singer Plácido Domingo before receiving the Tribute Award for “Person of the Year” from the Latin Recording Academy (Photo: Mark Ralston / AFP)

While the He indicated that there is no friendship between them, he announced that they coincided on a couple of occasions. The first occurred outside the Aztec country: “We met again many years ago in Argentina, I went to do some work and he was also doing some work, and we met in a place, in a restaurant, but nothing, from then on we have not seen each other”.

The second when her son was a baby. “I think we met once in Acapulco when José Manuel [el hijo que tiene con Mijares] He was six months old, he was a baby. José Manuel is going to turn twenty. I’ve not seen Miky for twenty years! “.

When she was asked about her relationship ‘‘with his children, as a result of his marriage with Aracely Arámbula, he indicated: “I can’t get in there because that’s not my life; then, I prefer not to comment “.


After being approached when she was preparing to take a flight at the Mexico City airport, Lucero was also asked about the affair she would have had with Luis Miguel, which she would have always denied. She was blunt.

“Yeah, they were all his girlfriends. The truth is that we were so young that this was more like having been friends from work, at one point “, mentioning that they were only focused on their projects and never had an affair as many speculate until now.

Lucero sings during the ALAS concert in Mexico City's Zócalo Square, on May 17, 2008 (Photo: Ronaldo Schemidt / AFP)
Lucero sings during the ALAS concert in Mexico City’s Zócalo Square, on May 17, 2008 (Photo: Ronaldo Schemidt / AFP)


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