Luis Pérez uncovers his letters for the 2022 elections

For now, they do not intend to join another political sector to form a coalition for the first presidential round, but they do not rule out that after that moment an agreement can be reached to form an alliance with any of the political forces that will contest the second round. .

What do you want to propose to the country from the regional alliance?

The former governor of Antioquia affirmed that one of those fundamental proposals that he wants to propose to Colombia is the free higher education, one of the models that seems most convenient to him is the digital university, such as the one he created in Antioquia. It aims to create 32 digital universities, in the 32 departments, in the first year of Government.

Pérez also raised an idea that he described as “audacious” to combat coca crops in the country, it has to do with organizing the Colombian peasantry into cooperatives and that coca fields be replaced by crops for medicinal cannabis, This initiative could benefit the peasant because it is more profitable, they would bring it to legality and create jobs by taking advantage of the potential of this industry.

“The State would be more competitive than the bandits, today competitive bandits with coca and the State barely sows a banana plant to the peasants, that is not enough to live and to have additional resources,” he explained.

In addition, you want to make a proposal focused on regulation of utility rates, because he considers that they have been growing two or three times above inflation for 25 years and, as he said, “the Government has not had the character to intervene to prevent the growth of rates from being so accelerated,” he explained.

“There we have two problems: one is that the poorest are investing about 23% of their income paying for public services, and the other problem is that since the cost of energy is higher than in other countries, then nobody comes here to create factories, because in other countries they give them more guarantees on public services. ”

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Do you want to be the head of the alliance by 2022?

Former Governor Luis Pérez was very clear in his response, he does want to be president in 2022. However, he said he agreed with the candidate who defines the regional alliance.

“I believe that there is no greater honor for a Colombian than to direct the destinies of his country. We are working on that, note that the ideas that are coming out had not been heard, we have to continue working in that sense and it is good that I had to develop these projects, but I am a democrat and I accept that if we ask a question in March of next year that it is democracy that says who is going to lead the country in the period, because I believe that the coalition of regions is going to be the winner of the next Presidency, “said Pérez.

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