Luisa Castro, former of La Liendra, would have operated on her breasts

Luisa Castro, the ex de La Liendra, posted a video on Instagram dancing and for which they assure that the model had her breasts operated again.

Initially the video that was made on Tik Tok was shared by the young woman on Instagram and she appears dancing in a pink two-piece outfit.

Although initially the model I wanted to show the progress she has made with her dance classes, there was a detail that caught our attention of his followers.

In the recording, Luisa Castro She is wearing a white top in which the large size of her breasts stood out. Apparently, the woman had surgery again.

In other publications you have the young woman and Instagram, his chest doesn’t look as big as it does now.

This was evidenced in some photographs that he uploaded Luisa Castro in Cartagena a few months ago when it was rumored that she was a partner of Kevin Roldán.


The video, in which you can see her large breasts, had more than 156,000 ‘likes’. In addition to criticism for the dance and the breasts of Luisa Castro.

“Is that dancing?”, “He operated on his breasts”, “She is very stiff and does not dance”, “she lost money in classes” and “you are admirable”, they commented to the model.

Luisa Castro spent some time ago by surgeon Carlos Ramos, known as the ‘barbie surgeon’ and who recently operated on James Rodríguez’s sister.

The surgeon was in charge of making him the abdominal marking to the model, But Luisa Castro had breast surgery when she was with La Liendra.


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