Lukas Rietzschel: Instructions for a novel about Saxony

IIn the last few years you have been able to consolidate your opinion about Saxony. You have learned that Saxony’s citizens are predominantly right-wing extremists, as they were not allowed to eat bananas during the GDR era, were collectively spied on and ultimately all became unemployed in the reunified Germany. They also knew that right-wing extremist and conspiracy-theoretical ideas are closely related, and were able to observe how an entire federal state gave up wearing a mask in order to ultimately become the German corona hotspot.

With these certainties, you will be able to write an excellent novel about any Saxon medium-sized town. In order to make your story and its characters as multifaceted as possible, we are giving you a guide with these instructions. In the following paragraphs we will deal with the location of the action and the characters in your novel.


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