world Lula visits the Pope on his first big trip...

Lula visits the Pope on his first big trip after the prison


The Pope has receivedLuiz Inacio Lula da Silvain a private meeting in the Vatican, which is part of the first trip of the former Brazilian president since leaving prison in Curitiba on November 9, where he spent 19 months, convicted of passive corruption and money laundering.

TheBrazilian former presidentHe had to ask the judges for permission to leave the country and postpone the interrogation scheduled in Brasilia for February 11.

As reported by Italian media,Lula announced that he will leave on Friday for Brazil, awaits in freedom the result of an appeal against the penalty for corruption that considers above all a political-judicial conspiracy.

The appointment at the Vatican was private so there were no cameras or journalists, but Lula explained to the press that they talked aboutinequality, poverty and defense of the environment.

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World News :

The meeting lasted about an hour and an official statement was not disclosed by the Holy See because of itsprivate character

“The reason for my visit is to speak with the Pope about the issue of inequalityand the defense of a good policy for the environment, “Lula explained in press statements at the Roman headquarters of the largest Italian union CGIL, where he was welcomed by a large group of Italian union representatives and leaders.

Lula also met with leaders of the rulerDemocratic party,among them the general secretary Nicola Zingaretti.



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