LUMA Energy claims that more than 1.4 million customers have electric service

More than 83 hours after the general blackout that left all of Puerto Rico in the dark on Wednesday night, the consortium LUMA Energy and the Electric Power Authority (AEE) reported today, Sunday, that over 1.4 million customers have recovered their electricity service.

According to the Grid Restoration Progress Report, updated as of 6:00 a.m., power has been restored to more than 1.4 million customers as of 3:00 a.m.

“Given current progress, full restoration is anticipated for Sunday morning or afternoon,” the consortium added. “LUMA prepares for return to normal operation.”

To date, more than 2,000 megawatts of power generation have been brought online.

On the other hand, the consortium and the public corporation asked citizens to conserve their energy consumption during the day “to help reduce energy demand and support complete restoration efforts throughout Puerto Rico.”

PREPA, for its part, assured in a tweet that all customers affected by Wednesday’s breakdown at the Costa Sur power plant have service.

“The condition of the generation system since this morning: 100% of the customers affected by the breakdown that occurred in the switchyard in Costa Sur, with service. The operational reserve at this time is 347 megawatts”, he specified.

The public corporation added that they are still waiting to synchronize several EcoEléctrica units in Peñuelas with the electrical system, as well as unit #6 of Costa Sur during the day, as authorized by LUMA Energy. Costa Sur and EcoEléctrica are two of the largest plants in Puerto Rico.

In this regard, the president of the Union of Workers of the Electrical and Irrigation Industry (Utier), Angel Figueroa Jaramilloexplained that the authorization falls on the Energy Control Center (CCE), operated by LUMA Energy.

“The missing unit of EcoEléctrica and Unit #6 of Costa Sur are ready to add more generation to the system today, if LUMA, which controls the Energy Control Center, authorizes it. The generation was always available waiting for LUMA”, he pointed out.

The general blackout that crosses Puerto Rico since Wednesday night occurred after a breakdown and fire at the Costa Sur plant. The cause is still under investigation.

“LUMA and PREPA continue to work together to restore power as quickly and safely as possible to all remaining customers. At this time, with electrical service restored to nearly all customers, LUMA will, depending on today’s events, begin the process of returning to normal operations.” LUMA Energy added.

Yesterday afternoon, an additional breakdown in the Aguirre plant caused some 100,000 subscribers to lose service again. System restore took several hours.

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