LUMA Energy reports that a generation deficit leaves thousands of subscribers without electricity

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Some regions of the island’s metropolitan area were left without electricity service tonight due to “load relays due to the amount of consumption at night,” reported the professional relationist from LUMA EnergyLyane Flores.

He added that until 7:02 at night, 54% of customers had electric service, which represents 799,985 subscribers.

“There is no blackout”Flores assured The new day.

At 5:43 pm, 825,375 subscribers of the 1,468,005 customers were with electricity service, which represents 56%, according to the latest update of the Puerto Rico Emergency Portal System (Preps), the government website showcasing the country’s recovery from Hurricane Fiona.

Load relief or selective blackouts are momentary interruptions caused by a generation deficit (megawatts) in the electrical system.

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