Luminous, Demi Rose makes her charms shine in a beach outfit

The beautiful British model, Half RoseHe has been uploading the best photographs he took on his trip to the Maldives, gradually revealing the ones he liked the most, so he gave us the next one last night.

This is the last photograph placed on your Official Instagram, where we can see the British woman with one of her phosphorescent beach suits that made her charms shine more during her stay in that paradisiacal place, where of course she conquered the beaches and was crowned as the beauty queen of the place at least in the time in which it was.

The photo quickly surpassed 400 thousand likes, demonstrating once again the great attention it has and that skin base of followers who are aware of everything that goes up, apart from the fact that the photo itself attracted a lot of attention, already that in it you can see him standing in front of that turquoise ocean so distinctive of the Maldives and of course the sculptural figure of the model stealing the looks and sighs of Internet users.

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Since she returned to Ibiza, Demi Rose has been very focused on resting and above all taking advantage of the time to do useful things inside her home since after a long miles of travel she thought it would be best to have a healthy routine in which meditate, exercise and of course attend elegant events in the evenings.

Despite the fact that Demi Rose has been trying not to go out so much, it is not possible for her to avoid attending those events that invite her so much, where she has also shared in her stories that she has eaten some delicious dishes and that she also had an excellent time thanks to the DJs who liven up the moments with their music, one of Rose’s favorite things.


The model is a fan of electronic music, in fact on many occasions she places this type of song in her stories, a site where she brings us a little closer to her personal life and where she shows us more of her adventures, since in her normal publications just put highly produced photos for other things send them to that section that is the favorite of true fans and go entertainment.

Demi Rose also shared that she is following an arduous exercise routine that her personal trainer gave her, showing us the great list of activities she has to do, as well as how motivated she is to do it, because she wants to keep her figure as good as possible and therefore course to continue sharing.

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As is customary, Rose is still attending treatment today, in which she seeks to stay as healthy as possible this time by giving the vitamins a turn, showing us even the exact moment in which she received the treatment.

It is not the first time that we can see her applying this type of procedure in fact sometimes she attends a specialized place in the skin, in which they make all her wrinkles and possible stretch marks disappear or at least they are noticed as little as possible so that she can still be photographed.

Since she began her career as a model, she has been very focused on being able to stay as clean and cared for as possible, since she needs to continue complying with the modeling for the different brands that she represents, being one of her best ambassadors and of course the most loved by all.

There is no doubt that Demi Rose will continue to surprise with her incredible images and especially her charisma, personality and positive energy that she seeks to share with us by working, of course first in her to be able to do it in the best way.


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