Luna Maya is stunned to look at Ariel NOAH again singing from a distance

Jakarta, Insertlive

Luna Maya seemed fascinated and stunned when she looked at her former lover, Ariel Noah.

This was revealed through the video of Ruben Onsu who secretly recorded the incident. Luna looked awestruck saw Ariel singing onstage.

At that time Ariel NOAH was singing with one of his hit songs, Half of me. With sparkling eyes, Luna Maya saw Ariel singing from a distance.

His partner was caught looking at his ex, Luna as if he was embarrassed.

Luna also sang the song Half of me while looking at Ariel NOAH.


Suddenly the video immediately stole the public’s attention. Netizens gave mixed comments to Luna Maya and Ariel to wish them a match.

“Hopefully destined back,” write the @dwi_den *** account.

“Because half ariel, Luna Maya,” @intanpuspitas ***.

“@ lunamaya and @arielnoah get back together, why do you keep getting married for a long time?” sahut akun @adhy_z ***.

“It’s really visible from his eyes huh,” write netizens @indriicri ***.

(bait / bait)

Also watch the following video:


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