Lunar eclipse in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

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The sky of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Arab region will witness, on Friday evening, the second astronomical phenomenon of 4 this year, a phenomenon that is almost like an eclipse of the moon.

It is reported that the lunar eclipse, as scientists knew it, is an astronomical event that occurs when the shadow of the earth blocks the sunlight reflected on the moon in normal conditions. The moon moves the faded outer part of the earth’s shadow called “semi-shadow.” During this type of eclipse, the moon’s lighting will decrease slightly, but its disk will remain illuminated by sunlight during the duration of the eclipse.

In an explanation from the astronomical association in Jeddah, she indicated that this eclipse occurs two days after the moon fell in the perigee, which is the closest point in its orbit from Earth, so its apparent size will appear to be 3.3% greater than the average. In all regions where the eclipse will begin entering the moon in a semi-Earth shadow region at 08:45 pm (5:45 pm GMT), no change will be observed, and the moon will look as usual.

The report of the astronomical association in Jeddah continued: “The moon will reach the moment when the full moon is complete at 10:12 pm (07:12 pm GMT) and its orbit will be cut halfway around the Earth during the month, which is the last completion of the moon during the spring and before the summer.


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