Lunin: «I prepare every day to play for the first team of Real Madrid»

Andriy Lunin’s future lies with Real Madrid. With the probable departure of the French Areola after his transfer this season, the Ukrainian goalkeeper currently on loan at Oviedo, has many ballots to return to Valdebebas the next bell to grow in the shadow of Thibaut Courtois.

Lunin himself confirmed on Monday that Real Madrid will keep him on loan at the blue club until the league ends and acknowledged that his goal continues to be to help the oviedistas achieve permanence while doing everything in their power to earn a place in the goal of the first Real Madrid team.

“I prepare every day to play for the Real Madrid first team, but my future will depend on the club. We will see how the competition ends and if we achieve salvation, this is discussed at the end of the season. I will do everything that depends on me and we’ll see what happens », explained the Ukrainian.

The oviedista goalkeeper, loaned in the blue team since last December, welcomes the return to the league on the weekend of June 12 despite the fact that the confinement is a handicap that the goalkeepers especially notice.

“For any player it is very difficult to be confined, the notion of the game is lost. However, while the players can do physical at home, the goalkeepers find it difficult to work the falls to the ground, the ability to react or the agility we need, “illustrated the blue footballer.

Lunin himself was in charge of advancing that from Tuesday the Carbayones will begin to work in two groups of 15 instead of three shifts of ten players, a change that will allow them to raise the intensity and the ability to rehearse one more point. Tactic with coach Cuco Ziganda.

“Two months standing still is a lot, but we are fine. I worked a lot at home and these two weeks training at El Requexón have helped me to be very well despite the break. It is time to be demanding of ourselves, if we do it in such a way that everything will be fine, “concluded the Ukrainian at the end of his training with the first shift. .

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