Luo Zhiqiang elected mayor of Kaohsiung in 2022?You Shuhui blasts his latest response-Politics-China Times News

It was reported that Luo Zhiqiang, the Kuomintang member of the Taipei City Council, was asked to run for the mayor of Kaohsiung. Kuomintang Chairman Zhu Lilun responded today (24th), “I have just come from Kaohsiung. I have never heard of such news. At this stage, I am trying my best to promote the 4 referendums.” . A colleague member of Taipei City Councillor You Shuhui said that she also asked Luo Zhiqiang about this question, but even Luo Zhiqiang didn’t know where the wind started. “I just asked Zhiqiang, even he didn’t know where the wind started.”

In order to promote the four referendums, the current Taipei City Councilman and KMT Deputy Secretary-General Luo Zhiqiang initiated a 49-day overnight stay in Kaidao. In order to fight for the referendum, the campaign from the south to the north has attracted political attention and raised a lot of voice. I ran for city councillors in Sanmin District, Kaohsiung, and studied at Sun Yat-Sen University. He has a deep connection with Kaohsiung. Now it is reported that Luo Zhiqiang has been consulted and may run for the mayor of Kaohsiung.

In this regard, when Chen Qimai was interviewed by the city council on the 16th, he was asked what he thought of Luo Zhiqiang’s possible election as the mayor of Kaohsiung. He only said briefly: “No comment! Thank you,” and then left; Luo Zhiqiang’s staff asked ” “China Times News” responded that individual elections will only be discussed after the referendum. At present, the main focus is to fight for the referendum.

Zhu Lilun also said that he had never heard of such news, such news. He emphasized that at this stage the Kuomintang is fully pushing for four referendums, 12,184 are agreed, Taiwan is more beautiful, and four are agreed to move towards victory.

You Shuhui said on Facebook today that news of Luo Zhiqiang’s candidacy for the mayor of Kaohsiung suddenly appeared, “I just asked Zhiqiang, and he doesn’t even know where the wind starts.” But he should be making the warm man chill. People. Netizens also left messages in response, “Well, Zhiqiang will go to Kaohsiung, come on,” “If true. 100% support,” “I think it’s okay.” Luo Zhiqiang also left a message in response to You Shuhui, “Fight for the referendum first! Come on, everyone!”.


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