Luonan attracts 3.2 billion yuan of capital at the promotion and signing conference of “22℃ Shangluo, China’s Health and Wellness Capital”

Luonan attracts 3.2 billion yuan of capital at the promotion and signing conference of “22℃ Shangluo, China’s Health and Wellness Capital”

2022-08-16 10:40:47Source: Xi’an News Network

On August 15, the “22°C Shangluo, China’s Health and Wellness Capital” promotion and signing conference was held in Xi’an. During the period, Yang Changjiang, Deputy Secretary of Luonan County Party Committee and Mayor of the Government, introduced four health care facilities, namely “Hometown of Chinese Characters, Famous Summer City, Health Care Luonan”, Sihao Health Care City, High-end Homestay, Boutique Scenic Spot, and Fulong Lake Health Care Complex. project, signed 5 contract projects with a total investment of 3.203 billion yuan.

According to reports, Luonan, rich in culture, can be called the origin of human beings, the origin of Chinese characters, and the origin of Heluo culture. Luonan is ecologically livable, with an average altitude of 800 to 1200 meters, a forest coverage rate of 68.9%, and the air quality reaches the first-class standard. The average annual temperature is 11.1 °C, and the average summer temperature is 21.8 °C. Luonan, rich in products, is a eugenic area for characteristic agricultural products. “Luonan Tofu” and “Luonan Walnut” were awarded the National Geographical Indication Protection Products. Green ingredients have become Luonan Taste, which leads the regional public brand of “Luoweiyuan” agricultural products. Luonan, with convenient transportation, is 108 kilometers away from Xi’an and has been integrated into the one-hour economic circle of Xi’an.

It is reported that the Sihao Health Care City project introduced by Luonan covers an area of ​​4,200 mu and has a total investment of 12 billion yuan. In the project area, 8 schools and 1 health care traditional Chinese medicine hospital have been built. mu. There are more than 3,300 sets of high-quality health care residences in the county, with an average price of 5,000 yuan; high-end homestay projects, there are more than 1,550 available traditional residential old houses in 68 villages at an altitude of 1,180 meters, and more than 1,300 mu of land is acquired and stored. Planning high-end homestay projects with leisure vacation and health tourism as the main functions, involving 30 individual projects with a total investment of 550 million yuan; boutique scenic spots, built into music town 4A-level scenic spots, Huaxi Lane, Cangjie Town and other 3A-level scenic spots There are 6 scenic spots, and there are also characteristic and advantageous resources such as Quaternary glacial relics, Tarziliang, and the third-line relics. At present, it receives 9 million tourists annually, with a comprehensive tourism income of 5 billion yuan; the Fulong Lake Health Care Complex Project, with a total investment of 1.3 billion yuan, covers an area of ​​1,500 mu, and has built a 6-kilometer trail around the lake and 13 landscapes. It is a member of the National Fishing Association. Approved national competition base. At present, the planning and project approval have been put in place, and 500 mu of land has been acquired and stored to build a health care complex integrating health care, health care, tourism and vacation.

At the same time, five contract projects were signed, including vacuum glass with an annual output of 1 million square meters, the production of new coating materials, the three-industry cluster in Huaxi Lane, the construction of the national reserve forest of Luonan County’s “Double-Storage Forest Farm”, and the construction of a molybdenum industrial park. The total investment 3.203 billion yuan.

Text/Picture Correspondent Zhao Xiaoxiang Zhang Shiyang Wu Dongfei

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