Lussich, spicy on the postponed marriage of China Suárez and Benjamín Vicuña: “Always the culprit is the pandemic”

This Sunday, Rodrigo Lussich made reference to the supposed new crisis that would affect Benjamin Vicuña and the China Suarez, although this time as a result of an economic issue. The driver of The Scandal Show He also referred to the long-delayed wedding between the actors and assured that “always the culprit is the pandemic.”

Rodrigo Lussich spoke about the new rumors of crisis between Vicuña and China, which would have their origin in the expenses generated by the reforms that the couple faced in their house with the help of an architect. “There is a story of a bad reputation that he has but apart they are with the issue of spare parts in the house and he does not put the part that touches him,” said the journalist reading the headline of City.

“Let’s remember that they are not married. They got engaged, but never married, although there were rumors of a wedding outside but they were postponing it due to the pandemic“Lussich recalled. “It’s always the fault of the pandemic!” Lussich added with irony, alluding to the fame of Benjamin Vicuña as a heartthrob who would have generated more than one crisis with China Suárez.


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