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Lyn May proudly showed her face, after she underwent surgery

by archyde

  • Lyn May undergoes another face surgery
  • His ‘new’ face was broadcast on the Un Nuevo Día program
  • The vedette said she felt proud of her new image

La vedette, Lyn May underwent cosmetic surgery a few weeks ago and showed off her ‘new’ face on the Un Nuevo Día program, broadcast on Telemundo.

The 68-year-old woman was invited to the entertainment program to show how she looked after the surgery. During the broadcast, Lyn May wore a carnival mask, hiding her face to create expectation among viewers.

Lyn May appeared next to the Un Nuevo Día drivers, Jorge Bernal and Héctor Sandarti, and the plastic surgeon, José Achar, who performed the cosmetic procedure.

After talking with the drivers, whom Lyn May condemned that her waist and hips are natural, but that she wants bigger breasts, the plastic surgeon took care of discovering her face.

José Achar explained to Jorge Bernal and Héctor Sandarti that the vedette had volume on his face because “this was a very serious problem and tormented her all the time.”

“I feel dreamed and grateful to the doctor (José Achar), said Lyn May enthusiastically with her new face.

The interview was published on the YouTube channel of A New Day, which has already reached more than a million views and hundreds of comments, some support for Lyn May and other negatives.


“There is a definitely positive change, his face looks less inflamed and with slightly smaller cheekbones. I think you have to be a little more human with her and send her many blessings so that she continues to recover, even if little by little, ”said one user.

Others considered that they did not see improvement in his face, but they recognized that he has a beautiful body: “There is not much change, but you also have to remember that the lady already had a very damaged face and apart is already old, but it is not necessary deny that he still has a great body that many already want. ”

“But what was the change? I really do not offend, I see it the same !! “,” I do not see the change is horrible! “,” I see it the same, if you see it has a stiff face and only the mouth moves, how good it is See her pretty ”,“ Don’t stain I see her worse, poor she says she looks very pretty tenderness, that she goes with Cher’s surgeon that is great, ”commented some YouTube users.

During the interview in A New Day, Lyn May was clearly moved and happy about her ‘new’ face, something users noticed:

“Yes, it looks better and if that makes her feel better, good for her”, “Yes, she has a smaller face than before (although she is still large for the body)”, “Yes, she has a smaller face than before ( although it is still great for the body) ”,“ I do see her differently, her face has improved. Congratulations Lyn, you look so much better, beautiful. ”

In the transmission of A New Day, drivers Jorge Bernal and Héctor Sandarti praised Lyn May; However, this was crossed out as hypocrisy:

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Stacie Michelle Anderson August 15, 2021 - 12:24 am

Well, those are all words. That’s about all I can say. Wowzers! I’d never sign my name to this article. It’s painful to try to read! So much of it doesn’t make any sense at all. Please find a qualified proofreader before publishing an article again. Hilarious!


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