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Lyon and the PFC eliminated in the Coupe de France: the Minister of Sports welcomes the “radical” sanctions of the FFF

Are football authorities finally up to the violent events that have polluted the stadiums since the start of the season and tarnished the image of French football? It is difficult to say it on the spot as the site is huge and takes time. The historic severity of the sanctions erected on Monday against Paris Football Club and Olympique Lyonnais, whose Coupe de France meeting degenerated into stands on December 17, has in any case satisfied the Ministry of Sports.

According to our information, the Minister Delegate Roxana Maracineanu wrote to the president of the FFF Noël Le Graët to welcome the “radical decisions” taken by the Disciplinary Commission. Paris FC and OL learned on Monday that they had lost the match “by penalty” and that they were therefore eliminated from the competition. The Ile-de-France club also receives a five-game suspension from its home ground, the Charléty stadium, and a fine of 10,000 euros.

As for Les Gones, the penalties are even heavier with “the closure of the visitors’ area outside until the end of the 2021-2022 season”, L1 matches included, the risk of being eliminated again from the Cup next season in the event of a match interruption, not to mention fines.

Le Graët refuses to comment on the decisions

The day after the events, Roxana Maracineanu asked the president of the FFF to act firmly. Even if she specified that she was more in favor of individual measures, she considers that these sanctions “mark the blow with vigor” in the face of this escalation of violence.

Contacted by us, Noël Le Graët for his part refused to give an opinion on the decisions of the disciplinary committee. “I never comment on a decision of the commission. I never do, and it’s still under appeal. A statement can be misinterpreted, ”he said simply by telephone. For the time being, the PFC did not wish to react. Regarding the merits of an appeal, Parisians still leave time to consult the reasoned decision of the FFF to decide. President Pierre Ferracci will speak on Wednesday January 5 at a press conference.

OL, for its part, took note on Tuesday of the sanctions of the FFF disciplinary committee, qualifying them as “heavy”, affirming in a press release that it would continue “its work of identifying people involved in incidents during the PFC-OL match ”.

“Olympique Lyonnais once again condemns all forms of violence in the stadiums, underlines the official message. The club had expressed its willingness to assume its responsibilities, without seeking the slightest excuse for the intolerable violence of certain individuals. Today, Olympique Lyonnais takes note of the heavy sanctions of the disciplinary commission of the French Football Federation. Without minimizing the unacceptable behavior of all the individuals involved, and without delay, Olympique Lyonnais took the most important decisions in terms of sanctions for the supporters involved. Four nominative complaints, accompanied by stadium bans, have already been filed. They target both individual supporters and group leaders. Other complaints will follow and Olympique Lyonnais will show the greatest firmness. “

“The club relies on groups of supporters who must also take their responsibilities to eradicate all violence from the stands and control their members so as not to penalize the OL institution sportingly and economically, the statement continued. Olympique Lyonnais will continue its work and hope that investigators and justice will help it in identifying the culprits, but also by pronouncing heavy penalties against all the hooligans involved, from Paris as from Lyon. Olympique Lyonnais is now awaiting notification of the disciplinary committee’s decision. “

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