Lyrics of the song Life Goes On BTS along with Indonesian translation

PORTAL JEMBER – The group made by Big Hit Entertainment, BTS re-released their new album which is the video clip of the title song Life Goes On will launch in a moment.

Fans, ARMY must have been waiting for a new song for a long time BTS which includes (the album) there is also a phenomenal song Dynamite where the song successfully debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 first position for weeks.

As previously reported, the song Life Goes On will be released at exactly 14.00 PM KST or 12.00 WIB in Indonesia.

Special as ARMY already knows, the cultivation of video clips or MVs Life Goes On directed by one of the members, Jungkook.

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The two teasers have also come out since a few days ago where Jungkook was also a thumnail in the last teaser Life Goes On or the second teaser.

The following lyrics song BTS Life Goes On and Translate meaning Indonesian that ARMY can sing together in a moment.

Lyrics Life Goes On by BTS

Life Goes On

Translate Indonesian Life Goes On by BTS


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