Ma’am You Predict This Year Is Chaotic, Deddy Corbuzier: You Are Lies And Dangerous

TEMPO.CO, JakartaDeddy Corbuzier made a special video for Mbak You responding to the prediction made late last year by holding a press conference on November 23, 2020. “I have no problem, but the way Indonesian people think is messed up because of people like you,” he said in the Close the Door podcast. on his YouTube channel, which airs on Monday, January 18, 2021.

Deddy said, Indonesia is currently not doing well. “Indonesia is in turmoil, crying. Plane crashes, floods, several figures die, polarization, plus predictions of looting, chaos. What do you mean? I said your prediction was a lie,” he said irritably.

According to Deddy, who admits studying psychology, prediction can create a nocebo effect, which is a situation when a substance does not actually cause pain, making a person experience pain due to beliefs or perceptions of something. He also linked it with prophecy Ms. You that he knew there would be looting, riots and riots.

Paranormal Ms. You.

“If this is a prediction, the impact will be nocebo, which was nothing before, so what. People who have negative thoughts, wow, this riot was predicted, then happened subconsious, then work by itself, “he said.

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Deddy considered, forecast what Mbak You made is unbelievable. Forecasters who predict so many events, there must be two or three who are right. “If I talk about a hundred words, there must be 2 or 3 that are correct, and that will be discussed. The truth is discussed, the others are forgotten,” he said.

In that situation, the accidental truth is called cold reading, which is a technique commonly used to show that as a fortune teller it is as if you can know a lot about a client. “I only trust two shamans, a dukun and a massage dukun. In my religion now, it is forbidden to believe in predictions, in my former religion I also did not believe in prediction,” said Deddy, who converted to Islam on June 21, 2019.

Deddy Corbuzier was disturbed when Mbak You predicted that the airplane would crash after the Sriwijaya tragedy. “You say, on the video, in 2021, the president will be overthrown. After I said on the podcast, you corrected, ‘It didn’t mean in 2024’. Uh, come on, if you predict the president will be replaced in 2024, that’s not a prediction. not the ramalam, don’t clarify it, “said the father Azka Corbuzier that in a nervous tone.


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