Mabel Moreno spoke of a fight with Laura Londoño, from Café y La ley del corazón

The meeting between the actresses would have occurred before starting the recordings of the second season of the series of lawyers, where Mabel Moreno gave life to María del Pilar and Laura Londoño to Julia.

What was thought to be a simple rumor began when the protagonist of the series He took his colleague from a photo, he only left Lina Tejeiro, who played the youngest lawyer: Catalina.

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Why did Laura Londoño and Mabel moreno in ‘The law of the heart’?

The actress, who is now known for playing ‘Seagull’, told the character ‘Diva Rebeca’ that the annoyance with his setmate occurred because she did not plan to return to the second season of the series, but finally accepted the proposal.

Given the possible absence of the character of Julia, who was the main character, the channel proposed as an alternative to convert Mabel and Iván López (Nicolás) at the center of the production, but the plan was not concluded: finally Laura did accept its continuity.

All this would have created a bad atmosphere on set, to the point that unethical situations arose between the actresses, who supposedly would have had a dialogue and reached an intermediate point.

Did Mabel Moreno talk about her fight with Laura Londoño?

The issue was put on the table by the magazine Woman M, from El Heraldo; there Mabel did not refer directly to her colleague, with whom she works at ‘Café, con aroma de mujer’, and with this he made it clear that the conditions of their relationship are not optimal:

“The truth is, I like to talk only about good things because, as my grandmother says: ‘What Mabel de Pepita says speaks more about Mabel than Pepita.”

Even the Barranquilla – who went out with handsome chef from Caracol TV– He preferred to extend his speech to the good relationship he has with the rest of the cast of the reencacuche that RCN is broadcasting, as he commented that he feels happy to share scenes with William Levy, Diego Cadavid and Luces Velásquez.

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Next, the cover of the magazine, of which the artist is the cover:


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