Macabre discovery in Misiones: they found a 4-month-old baby buried and his parents were arrested | Chronicle

The city of Oberá, in Missions, was the scene of the horror. In the last hours, police officers found the body of a baby only 4 months old, who was intensely sought after by his family.

A few days ago the image of a minor began to circulate on social networks. Even a Facebook buying and selling group asked for any type of information about the creature, in order to find its whereabouts.

“This baby is desperately wanted. The mother is in custody. It is not known if he gave it or sold it “, read one of the shared posts, which in turn requested. The family members’ complaint was filed at the Quinta police station in the Cien Hectareas neighborhood.

The request caused concern among the neighbors. The provincial police confirmed that the child’s mother, identified as Micaela S., 25, was under arrest. The woman was arrested last Friday, accused of a robbery in General Alvear. And then they took her to a cell in the Second Section of Oberá.

The Justice then intervened ex officio and the investigators of the Regional Unit of said jurisdiction went after the whereabouts of the baby and his father.

The worst ending

However, this Tuesday the search ended in the wrong way. The Police found the child’s remains in a state of decomposition a few meters from the Barrero stream, in the town of San Martín. The mime was buried in a grassland area.

According to sources from the investigation to the local site The territory, the uniformed men arrived there at the direction of Micaela S., who confessed that her newborn son was killed.

According to the first information, the woman would have indicated her partner as the author of the macabre episode. The man, who was identified as Hector S., 32, is already in custody.

The case is titled as “Qualified homicide”. In the next few hours, the parents will be investigated. Likewise, a rigorous autopsy will be carried out that will confirm the date and cause of death. The body of the baby was transferred to the Posadas judicial morgue by order of the Investigating Court No. 1 of Oberá.


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