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Under the title “Power On“The Bloomberg reporter Mark Gurman informs once a week about his assessments and expectations with a view to developments in the technology sector, including in particular upcoming Apple products. Gurman obtains a large part of his knowledge from insiders and is therefore known for quite realistic predictions. This week, in addition to larger iPad screens, the upcoming product innovations from Apple, including the eagerly awaited new Mac models, will also be on the agenda.

Without question, even more powerful versions of the MacBook Pro are on Apple’s schedule this year. We had already hoped for their announcement in June. Although Apple itself has apparently already “divulged” details about the name of the next generation of Apple processors and the tags “M1X” and “M1X MacBook Pro” awarded on YouTube, such a thing has so far not happened.

New MacBooks in autumn at the latest

The launch of macOS Monterey, announced for autumn, is now being traded as the latest date for the new presentation of the more powerful Apple notebooks. Gurman speaks of the introduction of new MacBook Pro models “later in the year” and thus holds open the possibility that the new computers will appear earlier. A new entry-level iPad and a new version of the iPad mini should also follow by autumn. Otherwise, of course, all the attention of the manufacturer is on the new iPhone and Apple Watch models expected in just three months.

Apple’s (still) current Intel MacBook Pro

The expectations of the new MacBook models are high. A revised housing and more powerful processors should ensure that the side more connections again can be placed – including an HDMI socket and a new version of Apple’s magnetic MagSafe charging connector. It is currently still controversial whether Apple will again completely dispense with the touch-sensitive input bar Touch Bar in the course of the update in order to return to classic function keys. Either way, Apple’s more powerful “MacBook Pro M1X” will then be offered in versions with 14 and 16 inch screen sizes.

iPad with 14 “or 16” screen size?

Regardless of the schedule of upcoming Mac releases, Gurman also mentions that Apple is experimenting with larger iPad models. It should be noted that these are by no means specific product plans, but consider offering the tablet with a significantly larger screen area and running appropriate tests.

Apple is currently selling the iPad Pro with a maximum screen size of 12.9 inches. With regard to the tests at Apple, Gurman does not give any figures, but he dreams of iPads with screens in the MacBook Pro category, i.e. 14 or even 16 inches, which can be combined with the Mac processors built into the new iPads and allow software adjustments to be optimally exploited.

However, nobody needs to expect a corresponding announcement in the next two years. If anything, Apple devices like this will not be seen until 2023 at the earliest.

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