Macbor Montana XR5: No, this is not a BMW GS!

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Macbor? Never heard? The Spanish manufacturer specializes in children’s motorcycles, but also has a 500-series adventure bike built in China, which is visually closely based on the BMW GS.

VThe beak with the recess in the middle and the color-contrasting plastic cover above the tank are strongly reminiscent of the design of the BMW GS. The red and silver coloring is reminiscent of the G 310 GS and the new F 900 XR, while the blue and white coloring is clearly based on the classic BMW color scheme. Even the way the colors are used is suspiciously similar: the beak and tank cover shine in one tone on the Macbor Montana XR5 – either in red, blue or black.

21 liters of tank volume

The Macbor Montana XR5 weighs 178 kilograms and weighs 2,150 millimeters in length. For comparison: the BMW F 750 GS is 2,255 millimeters long and weighs 224 kilos ready to drive. 15 liters fit into the tank of the F 750 GS. With the Montana, a whopping 21 liters go in. Even the BMW R 1250 GS can’t keep up with its 20-liter tank.

The Macbor Montana XR5 offers 210 millimeters of ground clearance, the seat height is 840 or optionally 820 millimeters. The 471 cm³, water-cooled four-stroke two-cylinder is homologated according to Euro 4 and rolls on with a 6-speed gearbox.

Macbor Montana XR5 for A2 class

In addition to the latest model XR5, two smaller adventure bikes are also offered under the Montana flag: the XR1 in the 125cc class and the XR2 with a displacement of 250 cm³. Nothing is known about the performance of the Macbor Montana XR5 yet, however, the manufacturer states that it is suitable for the license category A2, so it delivers a maximum of 48 hp.

Sales only in Spain

There is still a sales campaign running until July 31, which not only includes the motorcycle for 6,499 euros, but also a luggage set with two side cases and an aluminum top case (37 liters on the left side, 33 liters on the right side, 36 liters top case). If you are interested, however, you must plan a side trip to Spain, because the Macbors are only sold there.


Macbor does not seem to have any qualms about obviously being “inspired” by designs from other manufacturers. In addition to the fake GS, there is also a classic bike called Johnny Be Good to choose from, which is very reminiscent of a Norton Commando and a Honda MSX 125 blend called “Fun”. But the tank volume of the Montana XR5 (21 liters) presented here is an announcement!



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