Machine gun: The story of the “Al-Otaibi machine gun” on the Shahid platform provokes Yemeni anger and Saudi criticism

Was the series “Rashash” shown on the Saudi Shahid platform, owned by the “MBC” group, offended the women of Yemen? Did the platform delete a clip from the series? Was Al-Otaibi’s machine gun a “criminal” or a “hero”? Many questions sparked controversy about the Saudi series, and its echoes reverberated on social media platforms.

photo released, @ShahidVOD

“Rashash” is the name of a series on the “Shahid” platform owned by MBC Saudi Arabia.

It is also the name of a Saudi “outlaw.” His full name is “Rasheed Al-Shaibani Al-Otaibi”, known to the Saudis as the leader of a gang accused of theft, looting and robbery at the end of the eighties of the last century.

The story of the real machine gun ended with his execution and crucifixion in October 1988.

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