Mack Horton Family Harassed – Info Wire

Since Mack Horton publicly accused the Chinese Sun Yang of doping at the 2019 World Championships in South Korea after the 400m race in which he had just taken second place behind Sun Yang, the parents of the Australian swimmer have been victims of bullying. In an interview with The Weekend Australian Magazine, his family told of the hell that they have lived in their daily life for four years when he had already accused Sun of being “a cheater” after having beaten him for 400 m. They explain the nuisance: “Sun supporters regularly knock on pots and pans in the middle of the night insulting us, they poisoned our garden and threw dog excrement over the fence and we found pieces of glass in the bottom of our pool. ” But also the internet death threats against them and their youngest son Chad, the hacking of their personal and professional computers. To the point that the Australian authorities have set up a surveillance program for the Horton family. The swimmer has only realized since last summer: “At first, I had no idea how big was going on. Because my parents were trying to protect me. But since last summer, I have understood what they are going through. Seeing and hearing the impact it has had on their lives has really moved me. But I remain proud of what I have done and I will continue to fight for a clean sport. “


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