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Macky Sall: ” schools and universities must be models of cleanliness and living environment ”

Dakar, Dec 4 (APS) – The President of the Republic, Macky Sall, launched Saturday in Dakar, a call to all the actors of the education system to make schools and universities, “ models of cleanliness and living environment ”.

Cleanliness is everyone’s business. I invite everyone to get started to make Senegal clean because cleanliness is everyone’s business ” insisted the Head of State during the ceremony to relaunch the Cleaning Day called “ besu setal ”.

The relaunch ceremony for this Cleaning Day, recently suspended for reasons of Covid-19, took place at the Sergent Malamine Camara high school in the town of Patte D’oie.

President Sall has in this regard, appealed to all students, principals and especially teachers, so that schools, universities, “are models of cleanliness models of living environment”.

“It’s a well-maintained high school. It’s rare to see such an establishment, ” said President Sall, who congratulated the principal and the teachers as well as their students who took care of their establishment.

” I’m looking forward to this day, + besup setal +. I had launched it and in the meantime, the pandemic prevented us from continuing. It is therefore happy that this monthly day can resume everywhere in the national territory, in schools and universities, in the administration services, local authorities, but also in the municipalities and others ” said Macky Sall .

He asked citizens to “take ownership” of this Day, because according to him, “cleanliness and hygiene are everyone’s business”.

As a result, assured President Sall, “the State will mobilize substantial resources to support local authorities.

He nevertheless specified that “the work will be fundamentally that of citizens, pupils, students and especially elected officials”.

” We must continue this work of decluttering. It is not acceptable that Dakar continues to present such a face. It is absolutely necessary to remove everything, everything that constitutes an obstacle on the public highway, “ continued the Head of State.

” I give you all the powers and you have my full and total support, use the means of the Union for the coordination of solid waste management (UCG), use the means of the public forces and all the means to release the public road, make it respiratory ” ordered the President of the Republic to the Minister of the Living Environment, Abdoulaye Saydou Sow.

Macky Sall who thanked the mayor of the Patte d’Oie community, Banda Diop, the citizens who mobilized for this Day ” not only to open up and above all, to declutter the surroundings of the Lépold Sédar Senghor stadium ”.

The Head of State, on the other hand, invited his compatriots, to plant trees, to maintain them, to water them ” so that our living environment is viable, where it is good to live, like of this magnificent high school Sergeant Malamine Camara ‘.

He paid a “special” tribute to the Minister of the Living Environment, as well as to the coordinator of the UCG, who according to him, “revolutionized the perception of garbage management”.

“Today, we know that the UCG is an essential tool, fundamental for the living environment in Senegal” declared the Head of State.

Macky Sall also addressed his thanks to the director general of the waste management modernization program (PROMOGED) who has undertaken “important” work.

In addition, he thanked and encouraged the national civic service for its “remarkable” work, for its spirit of volunteerism on the eve of World Volunteer Day.

” I am proud to take part in this Day, which will take place every month. You have to keep your establishment and the surrounding area clean to prevent people from invading the area, ” said Macky Sall.

He also called on religious and traditional leaders, the ” Badienou gox ”, elected officials, sports and cultural associations (ASC), ONCAV, to get involved in this cause of cleanliness.

He also called for reforestation in neighborhoods, in front of houses, in schools, with a view to a green Senegal.

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