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MacOS 10.15.4 Finder clearly shows sync progress with an iOS device


The disappearance of iTunes, exploded like a puzzle by macOS Catalina, gave the Finder a new function: the synchronization of iOS devices. Once connected to the Mac (wired or when connected via Wi-Fi), the iPhone, iPad or iPod touch appears in the menu Pitches from the Finder window. From there, we find all the options to manage your mobile device from your Mac and synchronize the content.

But now, Apple had forgotten an important element of this device: the synchronization gauge! Until now, Catalina was satisfied with a circle in the sidebar of the Finder, an indicator which certainly filled as the transfer progressed, but too discreet and not very precise. It took a very long time for the manufacturer to return to better feelings, in this case macOS 10.15.4 which finally brings this famous indicator!

After a click on the button Synchronize, the Finder gives a much better idea of ​​the progress of data transfer between the Mac and the iOS device, with text explanations below. It’s not much, but this innovation, which has gone unnoticed until now, will relieve the most anxious.



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