Macron, Agamben, Streeruwitz: When comparisons are excessive

DThe Austrian writer Marlene Streeuwitz offers the latest case of the bizarre comparison. The “Standard” asked her for “suggestions for 2021” and the result was surprising: Like Giorgio Agamben, Streeruwitz is also concerned that the state of emergency in education policy could become the rule: Now, she says, “the tightening of study conditions or the abolition of the Autonomy of the universities brought about. “

But that’s only part of the concern that gripped the writer, who published a Corona novel last October. She was asked to take the corona test, writes Streeruwitz, and: “’Mass test.’ What a terrible word. What a terrible, historical word. Words are those that separate people from one another and thereby disenfranchise them and throw them back into the crowd. “


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