Macron “made French people uncomfortable” abroad according to Hervé Renard

President of the Republic Emmanuel Macron had promised not to “give up cartoons” during a national tribute to Samuel Paty, this professor from Yvelines beheaded on October 16 after showing caricatures of the prophet Muhammad in a course on freedom of expression. Guest ofEurope 1 Sport Sunday, the French coach of Saudi Arabia Hervé Renard, former coach of Sochaux and Lille, estimated that the French president’s speech made “the French who are abroad uncomfortable”.

“There are things we can communicate in a slightly different way”

Emmanuel Macron’s remarks on the right to cartoon in the name of freedom of expression had sparked widespread anger in the Middle East and more widely in the Muslim world. In some predominantly Muslim countries, worshipers reacted with anger, burning portraits of the French president during demonstrations, and a campaign was launched to boycott French products.

“I’m not in politics, but I think there are things that we can communicate in a little different way, maybe by being firm but … So that put us in difficulty. But We have to face this situation. We are French, so we do it and then we take responsibility. But it is sure that this is not a positive point “for the French who live like him in these countries, added Hervé Renard.

“We put a little oil on the fire”

“We’re going to say, if we want to summarize, that we put a little oil on the fire. And the oil on the fire causes it to catch fire in some places.” The former Morocco coach regretted “an amalgamation which is made by people who also intend to make this amalgamation”. “There are 95%, maybe 98% of people who will be a little surprised by the words but will perhaps not react in an obvious or other way. But hey, there will always be a minority …”, he continued.

While he recently found his players for the first time since December 2019, Hervé Renard nevertheless reaffirmed that his goal was to qualify for his selection for the World Cup in Qatar scheduled for 2022. “I am well where I am and I am. will not leave for political reasons, because you don’t play politics when you play sports. “

Emmanuel Macron had tried to appease the anger which was mounting in the Muslim world by ensuring that he understood, in an interview with the Al-Jazeera channel, that Muslims could be “shocked” by the cartoons of Muhammad, while denouncing the “manipulations” and “violence”.

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