Macron says he did not recognize the official Taliban rule…I cannot guarantee an additional evacuation” (comprehensive)

President Macron [AFP=연합뉴스]

picture explanationPresident Macron [AFP=연합뉴스]

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French President Emmanuel Macron said on the 29th (local time) that Western countries, including France, are in discussions with the Taliban to obtain Taliban cooperation in an evacuation operation in Afghanistan. said.

President Macron, who is visiting Iraq, said in an interview with TF1 that day, “We have to conduct an evacuation operation in Afghanistan, and it is the Taliban who control the operation. It doesn’t mean recognition,” he said.

“We have set the conditions,” Macron said, adding that the Taliban must respect humanitarian laws by allowing asylum-worthy people to leave, explicitly oppose all acts of terrorism and respect human rights and the dignity of women. He suggested three things that should be done.

As the US government announced that it would complete the evacuation operation of US troops stationed in Afghanistan, its citizens, and local helpers by the 31st, other Western countries are rushing to withdraw and evacuate their own troops accordingly.

France declared an end to the evacuation operation last weekend after evacuating about 3,000 people from Afghanistan so far.

However, Macron said France could still evacuate hundreds or thousands of people in Afghanistan.

“The goal is to humanely evacuate all women and men at risk, but we cannot guarantee that it will be achieved,” he said.

President Macron also reiterated the proposal to establish a ‘safe zone’ at Kabul Airport, which was proposed to the UN Security Council jointly with the UK and Germany.

In an interview with Journal du Dimanche the day before, he said that France and Britain are planning to introduce an emergency Security Council resolution, including the establishment of a safe zone for those seeking evacuation to pass safely.

He emphasized that “the whole of the international community could come together and put pressure on the Taliban.”


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