Macron slapped: the suspect, a young man fan of martial arts, disguises and unknown to the police

In the photo from his Instagram account, he is dressed as a knight, sitting on bales of hay, a long sword by his side. Damien T, the 28-year-old Drômois suspected of having slapped Emmanuel Macron during a trip by the President of the Republic, this Tuesday, June 8, to Tain-l’Hermitage (Drôme), is a fan of martial arts, who ‘he practices, and disguises from the Middle Ages.

Arrested immediately after the incident, the alleged aggressor of the Head of State was taken into custody at the Romans-sur-Isère gendarmerie brigade with an acolyte, Arthur C, who accompanied him. The latter, aged 28, is also from Saint-Vallier, a small town in the north of Drôme.

As it stands, we still do not know precisely the nature of the motivations of the alleged aggressor. The Prefect of Drôme Hugues Moutouh lodged a complaint for willful violence without incapacity on a person holding public authority. This Tuesday evening, a search took place at the home of Damien T.

Among his preferences on YouTube, Papacito

On the video published via social networks where we see Damien T, black beard and long hair, slapping the President of the Republic, we hear a voice screaming the royalist war cry “Montjoie Saint-Denis!” “, As well as” Down with macronie “. Investigators are trying to determine if it was the aggressor who launched these screams.

VIDEO. Images of Emmanuel Macron’s assault in Drôme

According to sources close to the investigation, Damien T. is unknown to the police and intelligence services, but is described as “alcoholic”. The young man seems to gravitate to the royalist and far-right movement, if we are to believe the Internet users followed on his Instagram account and his preferences displayed on his YouTube channel.

Between two images of manga and martial arts, Damien T, follows the YouTube page, the Media for All, hosted by the “independent journalist” Vincent Lapierre, activist of the ultra right. This former close friend of Alain Soral, who has covered all the rallies of the yellow vests, is positioned against abortion – “parents who kill their children” – and condemns “the very strong and very harmful influence of the pro-Israel lobby in France “.

Another figure of the ultra right followed by Damien T: Papacito – Ugo Gil Jimenez of his real name. This 35-year-old comic book writer tackles the themes of immigration, violence and virility in his videos and publications. His positions are sometimes qualified as racist, sexist or even homophobic. He has just been questioned by Jean-Luc Mélenchon for a video where he explains how to attack an activist from rebellious France.

The custody of the two suspects can last 48 hours before a possible immediate appearance before the criminal court of Valencia. If convicted, the attacker risks three years in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

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