Macron "upset" by "Les Miserables", a clever recovery

"Emmanuel Macron recently saw the movie wretched of Ladj Ly, who upset him by his accuracy. He called on the government to hurry up on ideas and take action to improve neighborhood conditions. " This "indiscretion" of Sunday newspaper, who had all the official communiqué, had to give pleasure to Jean-Louis Borloo whose report on the suburbs, unveiled in 2018, with his score of thematic programs, was thrown directly into the trash as soon as read by the President who had Partner. The 39-year-old author's first feature film, the story of BAC's three young cops on assignment in the Montfermeil district following the victory of the Blues at the World Cup, won an ex-aequo jury award in Cannes in May and will represent France at the next Oscars for the best foreign film.

"Be careful, it's going to explode!"

In fact, according to Jean Labadie, distributor of the film via his company the Pact, Ladj Ly would have received a text from Emmanuel Macron at the Cannes Film Festival, which congratulated him for its price and asked if it would be possible to see the Misérables at the Elysee. The filmmaker then replied that he was ready to organize a projection in Montfermeil when the President would like it – without the latter taking action. In Cannes, in Libe in particular, Ladj Ly had already invited Macron, well before the winners, to see the film, on an offensive mode: "My film is a cry of alarm that I address to politicians. Be careful, it will explode! " In the HuffPost, one could also read his rage against the politicians in place: "It's up to them to throw the stone. And it's up to them to find solutions but they do not care. Look Macron, he launched the "suburban plan", he invited all the right people, and then the day before … he cancels. It is to tell you the total contempt he has for us. "

"Political recovery"

In addition to sixty previews throughout France, a screening was organized about ten days ago in the National Assembly. A new request from the Elysee then arrived at the distributor, and according to Jean Labadie: "We said again that we were quite willing to organize a project quickly, always in Montfermeil, but the schedules of Ladj Ly and the President being finally very busy, we ended up sending a DVD. We thought it was a courtesy to communicate the film but we also know that it is quite tricky, we can be the object of a political recovery in full promo. It could not be better said, both the JDD was immediately taken over as an ultimate validation buffer. First indicted by the filmmaker who also defended the yellow vests, the President was able to neutralize the film and recover it skillfully in a statement of emotion that is binding. We know very little about it, but it is quite possible not to be polite in these circumstances and since Montfermeil was a condition sine qua non, it would not have been bad to stop there. It is possible to refuse, as did Laurent Cantet and his producers from Haut et Court when, asked for Between the walls after the gold medal in 2008, they categorically refused the invitation of Nicolas Sarkozy to present it to the Château.

Didier Péron

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