Macron will talk to Biden after the nuclear submarine contract is “grabbed” by the US

Macron will talk to Biden after the nuclear submarine contract is “grabbed” by the US

2021-09-19 22:09:07Source: China News Network

China News Service, September 19-According to AFP, French government spokesman Gabriel Attar said on the 19th that French President Macron will talk to US President Biden in the next few days. Prior to this, the two parties were tense about the Australian submarine contract, and France recalled its ambassador to the United States.

Attar said that the two sides will conduct telephone exchanges in the next few days. It is reported that it was Biden who proposed the dialogue.

He also stated that Macron will ask the US to make “clarifications.” Attar said, “We need to explain” and that the United States must be held responsible for “what appears to be a serious dishonesty.”

Australia decided in 2016 that the French military ship manufacturer “Navy Group” would build its submarine fleet to replace its long-serving submarines. The agreement is reported to be worth tens of billions of Australian dollars. But as Australia and the United States reached a nuclear submarine cooperation agreement, Australia no longer needs conventional submarines built by France.

This also means that the United States has actually taken away the valuable submarine contract with Australia from France.

The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs previously stated in a statement that Australia abandoned the submarine construction agreement reached with France in 2016 and instead reached a “new partnership” with the United States on the development of nuclear submarines. This is an “unacceptable behavior” among allies. The consequences of this will fundamentally shake the partnership.


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