“Macron, your pass, we don’t want it”

A few hundred demonstrators chanted “Macron, your pass, we don’t want it”, Thursday in Paris, to protest against the decision of the Constitutional Council to validate an extension of the health pass as well as compulsory vaccination for caregivers.

They chanted “Liberty, freedom” in front of the numerous CRS deployed in front of the Palais-Royal, which houses the Council of State and the Constitutional Council. On signs, we could read: “Pass of shame”, “total boycott” or “refuse to be a guinea pig”.

Around 8:30 p.m., some of the demonstrators having left the scene, there were only about 200 on the Place du Palais-Royal, a dozen CRS trucks being parked nearby.

“It is not normal that nine people (from the Constitutional Council) decide on our freedoms,” protested Nejeh Ben Farhat, 42, “yellow vest” posing as one of the organizers of the rally. “People on CDD or temporary work (not vaccinated and without a pass, note) may not be able to be fired but they will be suspended without pay”, criticized this telecom technician for whom “there will be two populations”: ” one favored with privileges and we who will no longer be able to go to the cinema, to the café, to look for work ”.

Among the demonstrators were also Jérôme Rodrigues, figure of the yellow vests movement, knocked out in 2019 by a grenade fire during a demonstration.

Emblematic and controversial measure of the bill aimed at countering the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic, the health pass (total vaccination, negative Covid-19 test or certificate of recovery) will be extended, a priori from Monday, to cafes , restaurants, planes, trains, coaches for long journeys, fairs, seminars and trade shows.

Frédérique Baron, housewife, assured AFP-TV: “I am not against vaccination, I have all my vaccines, my children have all their vaccines, they are safe vaccines, which have proven, they have been on the market for years, however this vaccine that was released to us, (…) we have only six months of hindsight, so me, I cannot not yet make up my mind to do it “.

“Show my identity card to go have a coffee, it’s not possible. I want to be free as before but I believe that as before, it is no longer possible”, added this demonstrator of a forty years.

Some demonstrators, having waited all day for the decision of the Wise Men, greeted with hoots the validation of most of the law on the health pass. “Fabius in prison!” They shouted, for the attention of the President of the Constitutional Council.

Marie José Libeiro, 48, refusing to say what profession she exercises in Paris, told AFP: “For me, all this undermines fundamental freedoms and the freedom to come and go. is to have the choice to be vaccinated or not “. “We are in the process of tipping over into an authoritarian state”, added this protester, also rejecting the device as “something which pits people against each other”.

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