world Macron's candidate for mayor of Paris retires after filtering...

Macron’s candidate for mayor of Paris retires after filtering a sex video


Benjamin Griveaux, Emmanuel Macron’s party candidate for the municipal elections in Paris, has retired this morning from the mayoral race after videos allegedly of his sexual nature and screenshots of personal conversations leaked online. The scandal and its withdrawal are a blow to the aspirations of the Gallic president to control the city hall of the capital, currently occupied by the socialist Anne Hidalgo.

A month after the first round of the municipal elections, which take place on March 15 and 22, Griveaux, 42, has announced his decision in a statement released to the media in which he denounces that “the line has been crossed »After the publication in the social networks of «Ignoble attacks that question his private life». The former Secretary of State for the Economy has assured that, since he announced his candidacy, now a year ago, he has been subject to “defamatory messages, lies, anonymous attacks, the revelation of stolen private conversations and death threats”, and that He does not want to continue exposing his family “to that violence.”

The filtering of compromising videos and messages has been claimed by Russian artist exiled in France Piotr Pavlenski, who has assured the newspaper ‘Libération’ that his intention was to denounce the “hypocrisy” of the candidate, “which always relies on family values […] but it does the opposite ». According to the artist, he obtained the videos from a source that “had a spoiled relationship with Benjamin Griveaux”. The ex-candidate is married and has two children.

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The former socialist, who helped Macron to found the movement that catapulted him to the French presidency, has not had it easy since he left office as a spokesman for the government to compete for the mayor of Paris. Despite being head of his party, La República en Marcha (LREM), to the municipal of the capital, his candidacy has been resented by that of a competitor of his own formation, the mathematician Cédric Villani. In the latest surveys Grivaux was third in intention to vote with 15%, behind the favorite, the current mayor (25%) and the conservative Rachida Dati (19%).

At the moment it is unknown who can succeed him. Griveaux, who had just presented his electoral program, has canceled several television interventions he had planned for today. According to “Le Figaro”, last night he met with President Macron and today he meets with the direction of his campaign to decide which strategy to follow.



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