“Macy’s” luxury department store looted in New York

The famous luxury store “Macy’s” was apparently also looted in New York City. Because of the unrest in the metropolis, the mayor once again imposed a curfew. All information in the news blog.

Protests against racism and police violence continue to intensify in the United States. Several cities have imposed curfews. It was triggered by an incident on May 25 in Minneapolis: A white policeman pressed his knee on the neck of African-American George Floyd for several minutes. Floyd died in the hospital shortly afterwards. A video of the scene became public – and triggered the protests.

New York: Luxury department store “Macy’s” looted

In the center of the US metropolis New York, looting occurred again on Monday evening (local time). Online networks report that the famous Macy’s department store was also attacked on Monday evening (local time). The police initially did not confirm this.

Several groups of young people moved through Manhattan and attacked businesses, AFP journalists reported. Recordings from NY1 showed youths escaping from a branch of the electrical chain Best Buy and subsequently arrested by the police.

Because of the ongoing unrest surrounding the violent death of African American George Floyd, Mayor Bill de Blasio extended New York’s night curfew by three hours. On Tuesday this starts at 8 p.m. (local time) instead of as at 11 p.m. on Monday. No one is allowed on the street until 5:00 am on Wednesday morning. The city is “completely under control and mostly calm and peaceful,” assured de Blasio.

Shortly after 11 p.m., hundreds of protesters gathered in the Brooklyn neighborhood for a silent protest against racism and police violence. The police let her go despite the curfew.

Houston: Police chief makes a clear announcement to Donald Trump

Houston police chief Art Acevedo has voiced severe criticism of Donald Trump in a CNN interview. This demanded that the police act “dominantly” in the country. This, Acevedo argued, is exactly the wrong reaction to the protests, which are directed primarily against police violence. In the direction of Trumps, Acevedo said: “Please keep your mouth shut if you have nothing constructive to contribute.”

The President would put young women and men at risk with such statements. “It’s not about dominating, but about reaching hearts and minds,” continues Acevedo. “He makes it clear that friendliness is not a weakness and clearly distances himself from the views of the President on behalf of his staff.

He also questions Trump’s leadership skills: “He should now act like a president.” He also admits that there is poor police work in the United States and that it is currently being demonstrated against a social problem. This should be done peacefully. Therefore, in relation to Trump’s statements, he demands: “Please, don’t react to that”.

The excerpt from the interview with Art Acevedo See here.

12-year-old writes song about experiences with racism – and lands a hit

With a Protest song against racism and police violence 12-year-old African American Keedron Bryant has caused a stir on social media. In the 50-second Instagram video, which was “liked” around 2.8 million times until Monday, the boy sings about the challenge of remaining steadfast as a “young black man” against everyday discrimination.

Celebrities such as former President Barack Obama, basketball star LeBron James, actress Eva Longoria and singer Janet Jackson shared the video on their Instagram accounts. Obama spoke of a “powerful song” that Bryant used to describe the frustrations he felt.

Army helicopters should apparently intimidate protesters

Images of an eyewitness: A helicopter circled just a few meters above the demonstrators’ heads. (Source: t-online.de/Reuters)

An army helicopter circled over a group of demonstrators in the capital Washington on Monday evening. In the meantime, the helicopter came to a standstill over the crowd. Observers saw the operation as an attempt to intimidate the demonstrators.

A video that was distributed on Twitter shows how the helicopter hovers close above the people and how a strong downwind below the aircraft puts the demonstrators in trouble.

Buffalo: Police officers injured by SUV

An SUV driver drove across a police line in Buffalo, New York, and injured two officers. On Twitter, a representative from the affected Erie County wrote that the driver and passenger were arrested and the incident was being investigated. The condition of the injured is stable.

A tweet should show the incident:

Chicago: dead in protests near the metropolis

According to media reports, two people have been killed in protests against police violence in Cicero, a suburb of Chicago. At least 60 people were arrested, according to NBC and CBS, citing local government officials. Several lootings are said to have taken place in the city on Monday (local time), including in a liquor store. At first, no details were known.

According to the NBC, more than 100 police officers were deployed, and forces from the Illinois State Police and Cook County Sheriff’s Office were called in.

St. Louis: shots at police officers

In St. Louis, Missouri, four police officers were shot during protests, police said. They were taken to hospitals, the police said on Twitter. According to the first statements, the injuries are not life-threatening. At first, it was not known who had fired the shots.

Schalke pro McKennie: “If I don’t say anything, I never have the strength to change anything”

Football professional Weston McKennie appeared in an Schalke jersey with an armband on Saturday. It read “Justice for George”. Political messages are not actually allowed. The US international, however, is ready to face the consequences. Read more about it here.

Bishop is “outraged” about Trump photo in front of church with Bible

Bishop Mariann Edgar Budde commented critically on a public appearance by US President Donald Trump in front of St. John’s Church near the White House. “I’m outraged. The president didn’t pray when he came to St. John’s,” Budde told CNN. Instead, he used a church in her diocese without her permission to spread a message that was contrary to the teachings of Jesus and the faith of her community. “We distance ourselves from the inciting language of this president,” said Budde.

Trump had given a speech before his appearance threatening to use the military against US citizens. During his appearance, police officers used tear gas and rubber bullets in a park in front of the White House to break up a peaceful demonstration.

Trump poses with Bible in front of church – peaceful protesters are shot at with tear gas

During the speech by US President Donald Trump in the Rose Garden of the White House, a live broadcast on US television showed how police officers across the street in Lafayette Park fired tear gas at largely peaceful demonstrators. This was reported, among others, by the US news channel CNN. After his speech, Trump crossed the park to pose for photos with a Bible in front of the St. John’s Church opposite.

Weston McKennie: Should the armband “Justice for George” take off, it didn’t. (Source: Poolfoto / imago images)

The Empire State Building sets an example

“The Empire State Building remains dark today,” wrote the New York landmark operator on Twitter. It was a sign to commemorate the tragic death of George Floyd, injustice and its victims. The action should call for an end to the violence. “There is already enough loss and grief,” the post continues.

Media: Ex-boxer Mayweather will pay for Floyd funeral

According to several U.S. media reports, ex-boxer Floyd Mayweather will cover the cost of George Floyd’s funeral for his family. Accordingly, the 43-year-old former world champion offered through a mutual acquaintance to pay the funeral and funeral service in Houston, Minnesota and Charlotte, among others. The family accepted the offer. Read more about it here.

Private autopsy report charges police officers

An autopsy report initiated by George Floyd’s family charges two police officers who were present when the African American was arrested, the New York Times reports. As a result, Floyd died not only because a Minneapolis policeman knelt on his neck for over eight minutes. “The weight of the other two police officers on his back, which prevented not only blood flow to his brain but also air flow to his lungs,” was a cause of death, a family lawyer said. Read more here.

UN chief Guterres calls for restraint

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has urged everyone involved to hold back after protests lasting several days after the death of African American George Floyd in the United States. “Complaints have to be heard, but they have to be expressed in a peaceful manner and the authorities have to show restraint in how they deal with the demonstrators,” Guterres spokesman Stephane Dujarric said Monday (local time) ) in front of journalists.

“In the United States, like any other country in the world, diversity is a gift and not a threat, but the success of diverse societies requires a massive investment in social cohesion in every country.” Cases of police violence should be investigated.

Trump threatens military action to stop protests

US President Donald Trump has announced the mobilization of all of his government’s available civil and military forces to stop the riots in the United States. “We are ending the riots and lawlessness that have spread in our country,” Trump said on Monday evening (local time) during a short-term speech in the Rose Garden of the White House. Read more here.

Teardrop gas in Philadelphia

Police in the US metropolis of Philadelphia used tear gas against demonstrators in protests following the death of African American George Floyd. The CNN broadcaster reported that demonstrators marched on a highway early Monday night when the police intervened. Demonstrators also gathered outside the White House on Monday to protest Floyd’s death in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis. Military vehicles with soldiers of the National Guard drove up to the White House on Monday, as can be seen on television pictures.

China and Iran criticize the United States

China and Iran have used the violent anti-racism protests in the United States to criticize Washington. Racism is “a chronic disease of American society,” said a spokesman for the Chinese State Department in Beijing. Tehran called on Washington to end “violence” against its own people. “To the American people: The world has heard your outcry about this oppression. The world is at your side,” said Iranian State Department spokesman Abbas Mousavi in ​​Tehran.

“And to the American officials and police officers: stop the violence against your people and let them breathe air,” added Mousavi, referring to the last words of Black George Floyd, who had said several times in a brutal police operation in Minneapolis that he could no longer breathe. Mousavi also accused the arch-enemy USA of “indiscriminately oppressing peaceful demonstrators”. The United States used “domestic and international violence and bullying”.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said in Beijing that the unrest that broke out after the incident showed “the seriousness of the problems of racism and police violence in the United States“. The US government’s response to the anti-racism protests is a “textbook example of their world-famous double standards,” he said, comparing US demonstrators to pro-democratic protesters in Hong Kong.

Several shootings in Iowa and Kentucky: three killed

After a series of shootings in the city of Davenport in Iowa, two people are killed and one police officer is said to be injured. CNN reports. According to the chief of police, there were several shootings in the city, in which four people were shot. Two of them died. In a patrol, the fire was opened on three police officers, one of them was injured.

There was also a death in Louisville in the state of Kentucky: shortly after midnight (local time), the police and national guard wanted to disperse a crowd in a parking lot, as CNN writes. The police fired shots at the officers, who returned fire, the city’s chief of police said in a press conference. A man was killed. Several people are now being questioned by the police.

Liverpool FC kneels for Floyd

Premier League leader Liverpool FC has sent a clear signal against racism after the death of African American George Floyd due to police violence in the USA. The entire team of team manager Jürgen Klopp got on their knees on Monday before the start of the team training in the stadium on Anfield Road on the Mittelkreis.

Stars like Virgil van Dijk and Trent Alexander-Arnold tweeted a photo with the words “Together we are strong” and the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter. The knee was symbolized by the former star quarterback Colin Kaepernick from the US Football League NFL for the fight against racism.

Kaepernick demonstrated in the NFL in 2016 against police violence and racism in America’s everyday life. The 32-year-old kneeled down during the national anthem that sounds before each game. He had caused a sensation worldwide.

Curfew and National Guard now in Washington

In the US capital Washington, a curfew has been imposed on Monday night (local time) in the face of ongoing protests following the fatal police operation against an African American. The curfew applies to the entire capital district between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. (local time), Mayor Muriel Bowser said on Twitter.

Police outside the White House: There is a curfew in the U.S. city between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. (Source: Reuters / Jonathan Ernst)Police outside the White House: There is a curfew in the U.S. city between 11 p.m. and 6 a.m. (Source: Jonathan Ernst / Reuters)

Bowser also announced that the National Guard would be deployed to the city to reinforce the police at her orders. Demonstrators had gathered near the White House earlier on Sunday. The day before, demonstrators for hours near President Donald Trump’s office had given expression to their outrage at excessive police violence against African-Americans.

George Floyd’s son calls for peaceful protests

The son of the killed George Floyd has called for violence to be avoided in the ongoing protests in the United States. In a TV interview with CNN subsidiary KBTX, Quincy Mason Floyd appealed to the demonstrators to remain peaceful. At the same time, the man who lives in Bryan, Texas, said about the great sympathy for his father’s death: “Everyone comes and shows him love. My heart is very touched by all of this.”

Tanker truck rushes in crowd in Minneapolis

A tanker truck has driven into a gathering of demonstrators on a freeway bridge in the US city of Minneapolis. Hundreds of people fled in panic when the truck came rushing at high speed. Read more about the incident here.

New York Mayor’s daughter arrested

New York Mayor’s daughter Bill de Blasio was arrested on Saturday night (local time) during a protest in Manhattan, several US media reported on Sunday, citing the authorities.

Chiara de Blasio was taken into custody after apparently blocking traffic with other demonstrators and refusing to clear the street.

At the police station, she did not claim to be the mayor’s daughter. The 25-year-old was reportedly ordered to appear before the New York criminal court.

Protests in Washington: Trump flees to the bunker

US President Donald Trump is said to have briefly withdrawn into the White House bunker that was used in past terrorist attacks because of protests in Washington over the weekend. Demonstrators had previously gathered near the White House.

Protests in the USA continue in front of the White House

The protests continue in the capital, Washington. Demonstrators gathered again in front of the White House on Sunday (local time). Police cordoned off President Donald Trump’s government headquarters. The protesters then moved on, but were already stopped by a police barrier after about 100 meters, where there were isolated wrangles. Security forces were thrown at plastic bottles, demonstrators took his baton from an official. The protesters chanted “No peace without justice”.

German journalist comes under police fire

Meanwhile, numerous journalists from Germany have also arrived in Minneapolis to report on the riots. As Deutsche Welle and the “Welt” report, a police team around the correspondent Stefan Simons has been shot at by the police. A video of the station shows how the journalist apparently flinches from a rubber bullet after a loud noise, turns to some officials behind him and explains that they are from the press. Although he points to accreditation in the following, the police threaten to arrest the team. Then they ask the journalists to get in their car and leave the place.

Later in the video, Simons does understand that the officials’ nerves are extremely tense and that they are under great stress. However, he clearly criticizes that they had prevented him and his team from doing their job.

Arizona’s governor imposed a one-week curfew

Arizona’s governor Doug Ducey has announced a week-long curfew in the face of violent riots in his state. The Republican wrote on Twitter that it would come into force at 8 p.m. “This gives the authorities an additional tool to prevent the lawlessness that we have seen here and in other cities in the country,” wrote Ducey. The police will be able to arrest people who want to cause unrest and cause damage.

Trump calls for a crackdown and attacks Biden

After riots in numerous American cities, US President Donald Trump has called for democratic mayors and governors to crack down. “Go harder,” Trump wrote on Sunday (local time) on Twitter. “These people are anarchists. Now call our National Guard. The world is watching and laughing at you and Sleepy Joe.” Republican Trump denigrates his prospective challenger in the November election, Democratic ex-Vice President Joe Biden, as “Sleepy Joe”. Trump also announced that he wanted the Antifa movement in the United States to be classified as a terrorist organization. Read more here.

Police join protests in some cities

In the city of Flint, Michigan, local police have joined the protesters’ march. As “Mid-Michigan Now” reports, the police first arrived in protective gear. However, the sheriff would have spoken to the demonstrators and eventually joined them.

Numerous users commented on the video distributed on Twitter that they had experienced something similar in other cities. Pictures of kneeling police officers were shared from Santa Cruz, California. They participated in a demonstration by the demonstrators.

Santa Cruz police chief, Andy Mills, is kneeling on the street: in some cities, the police participated in peaceful protests. (Source: AP / dpa / Shmuel Thaler)Santa Cruz police chief, Andy Mills, is kneeling on the street: in some cities, the police participated in peaceful protests. (Source: Shmuel Thaler / AP / dpa)

Berliners protest for justice

Significantly more people than expected took to the streets for George Floyd in Berlin on Sunday. Under the motto “Police brutality USA amidst the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis” around 1,500 participants “went through Kreuzberg at midday” through Kreuzberg, as a police spokesman said. A private person originally registered only 100 participants for the demonstration. Families and children were among the demonstrators. They showed posters with slogans like “I can’t breathe, Justice for George Floyd” and “Being black is not a crime”.

Earlier in the morning, a “memorial march against racist police violence in the USA” moved to the Brandenburg Gate. Instead of the 75 people registered, around 200 participants were traveling, according to police, also on the initiative of a private person. Both protests went peacefully, the police spokesman said in the afternoon. Around 2,000 people had already protested in front of the US embassy in Berlin on Saturday.

London: Demonstrations outside US Embassy

Large demonstrations took place in London on Sunday. A protest march with more than a thousand people passed the US embassy in the British capital, the PA news agency reported. Hundreds of demonstrators also gathered in Trafalgar Square, according to the BBC. They held up signs with slogans such as “Black lives matter” and “Justice for George Floyd”.

Attack with batons: Police attack John Cusack

The actor John Cusack, known from several Hollywood films, shows a video on Twitter of how police officers use batons to attack him. He writes that he was on a bicycle in Chicago and wanted to film a burning car when the officers attacked him.

Riots reach new dimensions – police attack journalists

On the fifth night of the protests, the violence of the riots reached new levels in many US cities. Despite the curfew, there were violent clashes between the police and demonstrators in many places. Several journalists report that they were attacked by the police and sometimes even injured. Read more here.

State of emergency declared for Los Angeles

California Governor Gavin Newsom has declared a state of emergency for Los Angeles County – the city of Los Angeles and surrounding areas. CNN reports. He also approved the city’s request for support from the National Guard.

Presidential candidate Biden: Cheers are “right and necessary”

The Democratic presidential nominee, Joe Biden, has condemned the violence in the anti-racism protests in his country, while emphasizing the right to demonstrate against police violence. “To protest against such brutality is right and necessary,” said Biden on Sunday. “It’s an absolutely American reaction.” Biden condemned arson and “unnecessary destruction”. The protests did not justify life-threatening violence and the dismantling of businesses.

Three dead in Indianapolis

At least three people have been shot in Indianapolis, Indiana, according to CNN. There is said to have been a dead man. The city’s chief of police announced this in a press conference. A police officer is said to be slightly injured. The police advise the population to avoid the city center.

Governor of Minnesota activated entire National Guard

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz expects the riots in Minneapolis to peak on Saturday night. For this reason, for the first time since the end of the Second World War, he put the entire national guard of the US state on standby. “We are under attack,” he said. Law and order would have to be restored.

According to CNN, the governor of the state of Georgia, Brian Kemp, has also activated 3,000 National Guard soldiers. The Mayor of Los Angeles has also called the National Guard to his city. With this, 12 states of the USA have activated the National Guard, writes “NBC”.

Trump blames leftist radicals for riots

US President Donald Trump has blamed radical leftist groups for riots in American cities. “The violence and vandalism are led by Antifa and other violent left-wing groups,” Trump said on Saturday evening (local time) after the launch of US astronauts from Cape Canaveral Spaceport. “Leftist criminals, criminals and others in our country and around the world will not be allowed to set our communities on fire.”

Trump accused violent protesters of dishonoring the memory of George Floyd. “What we see on our streets now has nothing to do with justice or peace,” said Trump. “My government will end mob violence.”

Trump continued, “I stand before you as a friend and ally of every American who strives for justice and peace.” But he was strictly against those who wanted to take advantage of this “tragedy” to loot or threaten. “Healing instead of hate and justice instead of chaos are the tasks that have to be fulfilled.”

Many arrests after riots

In protests after the death of African American George Floyd, 533 people were temporarily arrested in the city of Los Angeles, California. All but 18 suspects have now been released, police spokesman Michael Chan said on Saturday. Six police officers were injured. The arrests in the protests on Saturday night were, among other things, suspected of looting, burglary, violation of probation conditions and attempted murder. New demonstrations were expected in the city for the rest of the weekend.

According to CNN, more than 100 people were arrested in Chicago, Illinois, and around 200 in New York City, police say.

Protests: Trump threatens “unlimited military power”

Because of riots in many cities, US President Donald Trump has threatened local authorities with the use of “unlimited military power”. Governors and mayors would have to act “much harder”, otherwise the government would intervene, he threatened on Twitter on Saturday. The government is ready to do what is necessary to control the situation. Then there would be “many arrests”, he threatened on Twitter during a flight to the state of Florida.

Accused police officer: Ex-beauty queen wants to divorce him

US police officer Derek C. has allegedly killed George Floyd and has since been charged with homicide. Ms. Kellie, a former Miss Minnesota, has asked for a divorce and has it communicated through her lawyers. The couple was probably married for ten years.

A law firm post on Facebook said, “Tonight I spoke to Kellie C. and her family. She is shaken by the death of Mr. Floyd, and her deepest sympathy goes to his family, loved ones, and anyone who has been through this tragedy mourned. She requested that her marriage to Derek C. be dissolved “.

“Justice for Floyd”: Demo in front of the US embassy in Berlin

After the death of African-American George Floyd in a brutal police operation in the US city of Minneapolis, several hundred people protested in front of the US embassy in Berlin. Under the motto “Justice for George Floyd! Against racist police violence”, several online initiatives had called for the protest.

Biden calls for fight against “systematic racism”

After the death of African American George Floyd, former Vice President Joe Biden has called for a determined fight against “systematic racism” in the United States. “Through our silence, our complacency, we are complicit in continuing the cycle of violence,” the Democratic presidential nominee said in a video message. “People: We have to get up. We have to move. We have to change.”

Lawyers from the Floyd family doubt the result of the autopsy

The lawyers of the late George Floyd’s family have expressed doubts about the results of an autopsy. At the same time, they announced on Friday (local time), according to a report by the television broadcaster ABC, that they would commission a well-known coroner to conduct their own examination. The arrest warrant for a police officer involved says that, according to preliminary information, Floyd has not suffocated.

Floyd’s family lawyers, Benjamin Crump and S. Lee Merritt, said the post-mortem finding was seen in other cases that people who worked with the authorities presented things that were “an illusion.” “All these things like asthma or heart problems don’t matter as long as they (the victims) live, breathe, walk, talk. Everything is fine – until the police speak to them.”

The arrest warrant for the police officer, which is said to be responsible for the death of the African American, says the coroner does not expect suffocation. The 46-year-old had suffered from health problems that, together with the fixing and possible intoxicants in the blood, would probably have led to death. In the last two minutes and 53 seconds, Floyd had shown no signs of life.

Report: Shots at Security Guard in Oakland – Dead

Two Federal Protective Service officials are said to have been shot in Oakland, California. That reports the television station CNN. One of the officers died from his injuries. The police are investigating the incident.

Protest in Oakland, California: A security officer has been killed in a riot. (Source: AP / dpa / Noah Berger)Protest in Oakland, California: A security officer has been killed in a riot. (Source: Noah Berger / AP / dpa)

Around 7,500 people protested in the city and riots broke out. The Federal Protective Service reports to the U.S. Department of Home Affairs and is responsible for government buildings.

Floyd protest at the White House: Trump threatens protesters

After a protest in front of the White House, US President Donald Trump threatened protesters indirectly, but with very clear words. If protesters got over the fence of the government headquarters on Friday, they would have been greeted by “malicious dogs and the most threatening weapons,” Trump wrote on Twitter on Saturday. Then they would have been “really at least seriously injured”. Many Secret Service officials were just waiting for “action”.

Minnesota: 1,000 national guardsmen due to protests

The US state of Minnesota has called in more than 1,000 National Guardsmen as reinforcements because of the ongoing and sometimes violent protests after George Floyd’s death. They would support the 700 soldiers already deployed because of the protests, the Minnesota National Guard said on Twitter on Saturday. It was the unit’s greatest effort in its 164 year history, it said.

Reports: 19-year-old dies after being shot at demonstrators

According to reports by various US media, gunshots were detonated in a demonstration in Detroit. According to police, a stranger fired from his car at the crowd. A 19-year-old later died in the hospital as a result of his injuries.

Portland police clear the downtown area after riots

Via the short message service Twitter, the Portland police have called on the city’s residents to leave the center immediately.

The city center was closed to pedestrians and traffic. There had been several fires before, and shots are said to have been fired. In addition, gas is said to have been released. The police speak of “considerable vandalism”.

Over 200 arrests in Houston

Over 200 protesters were arrested at night in Houston, Texas. Previously there were riots in the protests. The local police announced on Twitter that the majority had been arrested for a roadblock.

According to the information, four police officers were slightly injured, eight vehicles were damaged.

Atlanta declares a state of emergency

After riots in protests against police violence, a state of emergency has been declared for the US city of Atlanta in the state of Georgia and other cities in the surrounding area. Around 500 members of the Georgia National Guard are expected to be deployed to protect people and property, Georgia Governor Brian Kemp wrote on Twitter early Saturday morning.

According to media reports, Atlanta Mayor Keisha Bottoms had asked for it after violence in the protests following the death of Black George Floyd on Friday. Demonstrators attacked CNN’s headquarters, among others.

TV team in Louisville attacked by police

In Louisville, Kentucky, a team from the television station “Wave 3” reported live from the protests. When they approached a group of police officers, one of them attacked the reporter and the cameraman with bullets. You can see the video of the incident here. A CNN team had previously been arrested by police in Minneapolis.

Protests again in many cities

For the fourth night in a row, there were demonstrations in many cities in the United States. In Minneapolis, despite the curfew, people took to the streets. In Atlanta, CNN’s headquarters were attacked. Read more here.

Responsible police officer is charged

According to US media reports, the policeman, who is said to have pushed his knee down on the floor of Floyd, is charged with murder and manslaughter. Minnesota governor Tim Walz criticized Trump for his comments that they were “not helpful”. The US President then backed away. You can read the details here.

Trump: “When Looting Begins, Shooting Begins”

After protests in Minneapolis, US President Trump has threatened the consequences on Twitter. He wrote verbatim: “When looting begins, shooting begins”. He sharply criticized the city mayor. Read more here.


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