‘Madam Pang’ appoints heir of ‘Nuanwan Lamsam’ to sit as vice president ‘Singha Chao’

‘Madam Pang’ appoints heir of ‘Nuanwan Lamsam’ to sit as vice president ‘Singha Chao’

“Madam Pang” Nai Ying Singh Chao Tha Appointing the only heir “Prang” Nuanwan Lamsam to be the vice president of the Port Authority FC. Fight the 2021/22 season, ready to reveal the concept of a new generation of children to help raise the team for sure.

On September 27, 2021, “Madam Pang” Mrs. Nuanphan Lamsam, Chairman of the Port Authority Club, F.C., announced the appointment of “Prang” Ms. Nuanwan Lamsam, her daughter, to take the position of Vice-President of the Armed Forces. “Sing Chao Tha” with knowledge of psychology passion for football combined with the concept of the new generation It will help to work to enhance the team’s potential in the future.

“Madam Pang” revealed that “with the various missions of Pang having the same football lover They are also people who understand each other. Come up to help work, so it’s good for the team. Therefore, it was decided to appoint Nong Prang (Nuanwan Lamsam) as the club’s vice president. Graduated in Psychology from the University of Queensland, Australia. and Chulalongkorn University which is important in the management of the organization More importantly, they also want to combine the concepts of the new generation with a variety of novelties, which in the past gave new perspectives. Always behind the house with flour looking back Madame Pang also had a starting point from here that that day was passed through experience. It would definitely be a very challenging job for Nong Prang. But we will get more people who love and believe in football. When we give opportunities to young people with this kind of energy. Please leave another football lover in the hearts of all port fans.”

The next match program, Port Authority FC. Prepare to open the house to receive the visit of Muangthong United in the Revo Thai League 2021/22, matchday 5, Saturday, October 2, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. at Pat State Stadium. Diem is broadcast live via AIS PLAY using a closed competition system.

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