Maddie McCann: Christian B. remains in custody – BGH rejects revision – News

The murder suspect in the Maddie case remains in jail for an extended period of time. The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) rejected its appeal against a judgment issued at the end of 2019 because of the rape of an American woman.

This means that Christian B., who is currently serving the last few weeks of another prison sentence, will not be released in the near future – and investigators in the Maddie case gained time.

At the beginning of June, the Federal Criminal Police Office and the Braunschweig public prosecutor announced that they were investigating the sex offender with multiple criminal records for murder in the Maddie case. But: So far, no arrest warrant has been obtained against him. Without his previous convictions, he would not be in custody.

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Little Madeleine McCann disappeared from Praia da Luz Photo: Uncredited / AP / dpa

Christian B. has been serving an old sentence (one year and nine months) in Kiel since February for trafficking in drugs. End: January 7th.

In December last year, the Braunschweig Regional Court convicted the man for raping the American (72) in Portugal. Total sentence: Seven years in prison. This judgment is now final. His revision was based primarily on the argument that German authorities were not authorized to prosecute.

Friedrich Fülscher (36), Christian B.’s lawyer, about BILD: “Statistically, the criminal revision is not promising with well below ten percent of the revisions filed. In this respect, the result is not surprising. ”According to the lawyer, who did not represent Christian B. in the rape case, the Federal Court of Justice is not investigating the actual circumstances of the case again, but only checking the judgment of the previous instance for legal errors.

Map / Graphic: The Maddie Case - Infographic

Fülscher: “Whether the judgment can be set aside depends to a large extent on whether all possibilities have been exhausted in the first instance to force the court to come to a certain conclusion. Only if the court is urged in a certain direction can a procedural error be asserted with high probability. “

Maddie disappeared from a holiday resort in Portugal in 2007 without a trace. For years the fate of the then three-year-old remained unclear. Until German investigators presented the new trace.


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