[Made in Dashan]Adidas Yeezy 380 Boost Coconut 380 Salt Gray Item No.: GZ0473_Design

Original title:[Made in Dashan]Adidas Yeezy 380 Boost Coconut 380 Salt Grey Item No.: GZ0473

Adidas Yeezy 380 Boost Coconut 380 “Stone Salt” GZ0473

At the end of last year, Yeezy released a brand new shoe: YeezyBoost380 “Alien”, which sold out in less than a minute as soon as it went on the market. On the same day, the price was pushed up to 4000 RMB. However, despite the high popularity, many people still “reject”, thinking that this pair of shoes can be called the ugliest Yeezy.

At first, when the 380Alien was first publicly rendered, it was considered the YeezyBoost350V3 series.

Because in terms of the shape of the shoe, this 350V2 heel still has many similar details. At the same time, this shoe subverts the previous 350V2 style and brings a more comprehensive upgrade.

In terms of appearance, the special-shaped design has changed the smooth outline of other series Yeezy, but it has become a simple and powerful line. This unique design makes the whole pair of shoes have a strong visual impact, and seems to show a sporty style that other shoe types do not have.

There is no turning line separation at the instep, but the entire pair of shoes always extends to the upper in a smooth manner. The overall design of the collar is higher than the previous one and closed in a thin layer.

On the upper, this shoe continues to use the classic Prime knitted woven material Yeezy, and uses three different levels of gray and white patterns on the upper: white covering the outer layer, gray lining in the middle layer and white woven bottom layer.

Due to the use of materials, the raised texture of the entire pair of shoes is very obvious, but it is still more refined than the 350V2 series.

On the side of the shoe body, the transparent surface of the 350V2 series is still continuing. The transparent shape is similar to the shoe upper pattern, but the width of the transparent side will be greater than 350V2. There are many irregular holes on it. These holes can not only play a role in ventilation, but also can fix the position of the shoelace at will.

The entire core of the shoe uses the classic midsole Boost design. The pattern on the outsole is very similar to the upper, both complex and delicate.

It is commendable that it is not only beautiful, but also has a first-class anti-slip effect. These shoes are not only good-looking, but also versatile and comfortable to wear. This is a very cost-effective pair of sports shoes.


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