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eHe said, "My wife and the doctor." Then he lost consciousness. At half past three, he left Cosima's arms from this earth. Since then, Venice, as a dead city that can hardly be topped anyway, is forever connected to the myth of Richard Wagner. Of course that was the already dying Serenissima before. More specifically since 1858. The composer had traveled to the lagoon city after his first wife, Minna, exposed her husband's relationship with the married Mathilde Wesendonck, provoked an outrage, and separated himself from her. In Palazzo Giustinian he wrote down the second act of "Tristan". Culminating in the most devout love duo ever: "O sinking down, / night of love, / forgetting that I live; / take me in your lap, / release me from the world!"

Wagner (Pas) Wagner (t) Richard (Composer / 1813-1883) (t) Brug (t) Manuel (t) Classical (t) Wagner (t) Katharina (t) Bayreuth (t) Classical (t) Bayreuth Festival (t) Classical (t) Venice (t) Brug-Manuel (t) Teatro La Fenice (t) Wagnerian (t) Verdi Don Carlos (t) Bonn (t) Palazzo Vendramin (t ) Richard Wagner (t) Music (t) Green Hill (t) Venice (t) Tristan (t) Bayreuth (t) Wolfgang Wagner (t) Lagoon City (t) Katharina Wagner (t) Adria (t) Lido (t) Iceland (t) Rhine (t) Verdi Autodafémarsch


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