Madonna shocked fans with corona details – stars

The “Queen of Pop” revealed that she probably had the corona virus “over 7 weeks ago”.

Apparently the “Queen of Pop” has already overcome the worst: Madonna writes on her Instagram page that she experienced her corona disease as “severe flu”. Apparently, the 61-year-old got infected seven weeks ago during a concert tour in France.

“Will breathe the Covid-19 air”

Although she keeps asking her fans to stay home during the crisis to avoid being infected, other rules seem to apply to her. On Thursday, Madonna posted a video that apparently shows her on a motorcycle trip to her new home in Portugal.

“I did a test the other day and found I had the antibodies, so tomorrow I’ll just take a long drive in the car, roll down the window, and breathe in the Covid-19 air,” said the pop diva in an Instagram video (“Today” reported).

According to her, several artists who were part of their stage show also fell ill. “At that time we all thought we had a severe flu. Thank God we are all fit and healthy now,” wrote the “Queen of Pop”, who has recently drawn attention to herself through bizarre videos rather than successful music.

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