Madrid artists open the doors (also virtual) of their creative spaces

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With a list of twelve artists established in Madrid neighborhoods, the platform to support contemporary art Open Studio Y the Community of Madrid this week began the series of events of Visible Processes, a proposal that aims to publicize the works of the region’s plastic creators and generate face-to-face and virtual visits to their workspaces until December 22th.

Visible Processes has the participation of two independent curators residing in the Community, Pilar Soler Y Virginia Torrente, who have carried out the selection of artists: Tamara Arroyo, Raul Diaz Reyes, Patricia Esquivias, Amaya Hernandez, Valeria Maculan, Ana Martínez Fernández, Cristina Mejias, Gorka Mohamed, Asuncion Molinos Gordo, Kiko Pérez, Clara Sánchez Sala and Antonio Ballester Moreno, for whom “having the experience of entering a studio is very special: it is like a kind of artist’s gaming site.”

Cristina Mejías study

The project will be carried out both physically and telematically (a novelty in this edition), for which Torrente explains that «Visible Processes widens previous experiences of this type: «The idea is to adapt to what is happening now with the pandemic. We as curators will do interviews with our artists for Zoom yvirtual tours will be made to the studios by Instagram Live, as well asface-to-face visits with the artists, which is what we most like ”.

Under the conditions of meetings of maximum six people, the capacity of the visits to the studies will be reduced to four people who pre-register through an email that provides theWeb page the Open Studio. The artist and his curator will be present at the meeting in the workshop. Torrente indicates that Visible Processes “is very private and a very pleasant thing since, in the face of the horror of the pandemic, it gives rise to a small committee in which the artist will explain his works, talk about his space and ask questions ”.

The studio of the Madrid artist Tamara Arroyo
The studio of the Madrid artist Tamara Arroyo

Maria Eugenia Alvarez, director of Open Studio, expresses that “in the circumstances of the pandemic we are offering the opportunity to Anyone can access the workspaces of the selected artists, but, at the same time, without the restrictions, we would like to receive more public. For this reason, the new formulas for making visits in a virtual they have their advantages.

The artists of Visible Processes

Clara Sánchez Sala, an artist from Alicante who lives and works in Madrid, expresses that, as the idea is that people come to see the studio, “for me it is an advantage because my work speaks a lot about my workspace.” The young creator has her studio in the neighborhood of Port and he says that for the tour he will show the pieces he made during confinement when he was away from his creative space. «I have been working from home with very domestic things like coffee, cloth and lipstick. He couldn’t buy material. If I ordered something online, it would take forever to arrive. I had to work with what I had on hand.

On the other hand, the Madrid artist Raul Diaz Reyes expresses that the events «will allow us to talk about our work process, talk about our current works, those that are under construction and old projects that we have stored in the studio.

Díaz Reyes, who has his workshop in the neighborhood of The ElipaHe also adds that “last year was very busy”: “I had individual exhibitions and some of them outside of Spain. For me, this year has been good for estudy, test and experiment».

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