Maduro calls those who doubt the voice of Diosdado Cabello “imbeciles” – CNN

(CNN Español) — The questioned president of Venezuela, Nicholas Mature, described as “imbeciles” to those who doubt the voice of Diosdado Cabello, after a telephone link attributed to the president of the National Constituent Assembly.

Who is he, then? Guaidó? Who is he ?, Leopoldo López ?, Ramos Allup? », He said Mature, who did not specify who the doubters were.

Mature He held a meeting by televised videoconference, this Monday, with the national leadership of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV). Cabello, who has coronavirus“Could not connect on camera,” said the president.

After the call, a controversy broke out on social media about the possibility that that wasn’t actually Cabello’s voice.

The comments for and against are included even in the threads political official and also the questioned Venezuelan president.

LEE: Diosdado Cabello announces that he has coronavirus

“We are fighting a battle that we have been fighting in recent days, a battle that has not been alone because we have felt accompanied by a people with their prayers,” said Cabello, who on July 9 announced that he had covid-19.

“Tremendous battle, Diosdado, we love you very much,” he said. Mature after the phone link.

“How happy I feel, the strength of our people, I can feel it, runs through my body and morale rises to the clouds, return from this disease, accompanied by prayers and the love of the people I do not change it for anything, be certain that we will win !! ”, Cabello wrote on his Twitter account after the call.


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