Maduro collectives shoot Guaidó’s entourage when they moved to Parliament

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Wednesday the three assemblies decided to legislate the same time (10:30 am local time) at the Legislative Palace while the regime Maduro returned to militarize the site with armored vehicles and riot gear with about 2,000 troops. The paramilitaries ‘collective’ Chavistas shot and attacked cars where the entourage of President Guaidó, led by the second vice president, Carlos Berrizbeitia moved; the head of fraction Carlos Prosperi; Secretary, Angelo Palmeri, who were to observe the militarization of the Federal Legislative Palace

Deputy Renzo Prieto denounced by his Twitter account: “Right now we shoot outside the Federal Legislative Palace of our National Assembly.” Undoubtedly tension has put the red hot by violent clashes between the three Assemblies view conflict and hostility with which the regime is Nicolas Maduro to the legitimate president Juan Guaidó.

After requesting the withdrawal of the military, also president of the National Assembly Juan Guaidó he was scheduled to leave at 9 am from the headquarters of the Party of Democratic Action in the urbanization of La Florida in a party with deputies and teachers to the Palace legislative he was taken by security forces.

Tuesday suddenly at the end of the presentation of the report and account Nicolas Maduro, president of the unrecognized National Constituent Assembly (ANV), Diosdado Cabello, called the 500 constituents for a plenary session at the seat of the legislature, the which coincides with that of Guaidó and also with that of the Chavista Luis Parra.

“This is going to be every day. Will give a different dynamic to the ANC, “he added, representing a change in the routine within the Federal Legislative Palace. So far, the ruling went into this building, seat of the Parliament, only once or twice a month while conducting a session, EFE said.

The also president of the National Assembly and acting president of the country, Juan Guaidó, recognized by more than 50 countries, had changed its plenary session Tuesday to Wednesday to prevent called launched by Chavez and presentation of Maduro at the Legislative Palace . .


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