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Maduro launches the “Metro Inside, Metro Outside” plan

Metro Inside
Photo: Presidential Press

During a address After the swearing in of Carmen Meléndez as mayor of Caracas, Nicolás Maduro reported that a plan will be launched to improve the facilities of the Caracas Metro, which he referred to as “Plan Metro Inside, Metro Outside”, equating the expression with the program “Barrio Inside”.

Caracas Metro

The expression caused the laughter of those present, so he said “Caracas are very mocking. Well that’s what they call ‘a chinazo’. But, I mean that Metro Adentro are the stations and Metro Afuera are the boulevards ”.

He indicated that in order to improve the service, the government of Miranda state and the Mayor’s Office of the Libertador municipality should be included in the plan.

He affirmed that the operation of the subway has a direct impact on the lives of Caracas, which is why he considered it a priority to improve that service.

“Caracas has to be the most beautiful city, the most functional,” he emphasized.

In the same way, he used the expression “Cerro Arriba, Cerro Abajo”, when urging the new mayor of Caracas to beautify the city.

“Plan to fix the water issue”

A little earlier, during the swearing-in of the governor of Miranda, Héctor Rodríguez, Maduro also promised to execute a plan in the first half of next year to improve drinking water service.

“We are going to get involved in solving the water issue so that it works 100% without excuses, without bureaucracy, without indolence,” he said.

However, he indicated that public services in general must be improved and that their administration must be in the hands of the communes.

“We are going to hand over the power of the institutions to the communes and communal councils, decentralize it and give it to the people to direct and manage them,” he said.

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