Maduro orders the launch of military exercises in Caracas and at the border

This Friday, the Venezuelan capital woke up with tanks, radar systems and missile batteries, soldiers and militiamen along with the “collective” paramilitaries, crossing the main streets and public buildings for two days.

The panic of the civilian population increased after waking up with the alarming “sirens” as if they were warning of times of war and bombing.

The same happened on the border of the country with Colombia and Brazil under the so-called “2020 Sovereign Shield”, described by Nicolás Maduro as “the most important military exercises in its history” that he ordered to deploy this Friday and Saturday.

Even sleepy Gustavo Díaz confessed in social networks that he was scared when he heard the siren that shook the windows of his window. «I would like to know why the regime invents this military circus».

“These are the first 2020 military exercises to guarantee the defense of all cities, to defend all cities in the country, to train, train and implement this law throughout its operational system,” said Maduro ten days ago when he announced the launch on the scene of militarization in the urban areas of the country.

In the chavistas of the Chavistas it was reported that “all vehicular movement by presidential order” was suspended within Fuerte Tiuna while the military exercises were carried out between 7 and 9 in the morning.

All neighbors must remain inside their homes, while the military establishes their defensive positions. “Those who have planned to do personal and / or labor diligence are urged to take the forecasts of the case and carry them out before 06:00 am or after 10:00 am after said activity,” says the Chavista chat.

In the various entrance gates to Caracas, mobilization of troops, military trucks was observed, as in the southeast in Tazón and in the east the Metropolitan Distributor towards Guarenas where three tanks and about 100 armed uniforms were installed.

At the entrance of the La Guaira motorway they installed radar equipment and missile batteries. The same is true at the La Carlota military base, in the area of ​​January 23 near the Miraflores Palace, seat of the government, and at Fort Tiuna, headquarters of the Ministry of Defense and residence of Nicolás Maduro.

A neighbor in the area, Jesus Lara, commented that the regime deployed JY-11 radars, an alleged “war secret” that the responsible officials themselves disseminated through social networks.

On the central Urdaneta avenue next to the government palace, a group of militiamen dressed in persimmon and the “collective” paramilitaries in red and armed shirts marched in an Indian row.

“With only one thousand militiamen handling weapons that can be used to cause damage to civil society could be a damage,” said military affairs expert Rocío San Miguel.

The delivery of weapons from the State to the militia puts the security of the nation at risk. «In this case, civil and military aviation These people do not have electronic equipment to distinguish a friend-enemy plane and therefore can commit fratricide Who responds?» Asked Rocío San Miguel.

On the border of Táchira, Chavista Freddy Bernal, appointed as the protector of the region, presided over the parade in front of 3,500 armed men and women from the Cold to the north of the state.

“We are willing to raise the flags of the homeland of Bolivar and Chavez,” he said. But Bernal acknowledged that “confronting the US militarily would be suicide” although he doesn’t mind wasting unnecessary military training. .

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