Maduro: Venezuelans attacked in Chile have a homeland that receives them

President Nicolás Maduro forcefully rejected the wave of aggressions that many Venezuelan compatriots have suffered in Chile as a result of the xenophobia promoted by the government of that country. He appealed to those who wish to return to their homeland, who can do so whenever they want.

“The Venezuelans who have been attacked in Iquique, Chile, have a homeland that receives and loves them, and I have instructed to immediately activate the Plan Vuelta a la Patria so that they return to their land,” said the head of state in a television broadcast.

The head of state pointed out that the “Pinochet right wing promotes hatred against Venezuelans in Chile,” in reference to the deportation policies being carried out by the government of Sebastián Piñera, which has a clear anti-Venezuelan component.

As a point of comparison, Maduro said that “Venezuela is a country that receives migrants, there has been no persecution or mistreatment against foreigners who decided to come to our country, we have treated them with love, we have never persecuted them.”

He pointed out that a good part of the responsibility for these attacks against the Venezuelan people belongs to opposition leaders who spread hatred against the country throughout the continent and beyond.

“Julio Borges is a despicable being who should be tried and imprisoned for the crimes he has committed. He is one of the promoters of hatred and xenophobia unleashed against Venezuelans ”, reflected the president.

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